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Earth House Hold, See Through You

Brock Vay Wey misses the mark on See Through You, his recent single for Peach under the Earth House Hold moniker.

Bvdub/Shifty Science, Same Boat, Different Sea/Love’s Not Fading

The first release from Chicago-based Love’s Label brings together old friends bvdub and Shifty Science for a tour of warm, old-school influenced house sounds.

Various Artists, Pop Ambient 2010

Seasons come, seasons go, and with them Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, where the label’s clockwork ticks much slower than usual. Not that Pop Ambient’s reliability has never been in question: every time a new installment filters through the opinion-maze of web- and music criticism, someone proclaims it’s not as good as the last one, or the series’ key idea is petering out, or maybe Kompakt should stick to making IKEA techno, or that it’s too much of the same thing, or whatever. Regardless of the occasional arcs in quality (I seem to recall 2006 to 2008 not grabbing my attention quite so strongly), the complaints are a tad confusing. Surely Pop Ambient’s brief is to be “too much of the same thing,” to essay myriad variations on that lovingly hazy, gaseous, oddly catchy, plastic ambient sound they’ve perfected, to take a relatively long time to say relatively the same thing at pretty much exactly the same time of year?

Brock Van Wey, White Clouds Drift On and On

With a faultless series of releases focused on ambient and dubby techno textures, Brock Van Wey — perhaps better known as Bvdub, has rapidly become an indispensable fixture of the deeper side of electronica. His latest long player is broken into two parts, with kindred spirit Intrusion offering interpretations of the six tracks in reverse order for the second part of the album. The album’s inspiration is hinted at in the liner notes which feature a poem by Chinese poet Wang Wei, the last line of which is adopted by Van Wey for the album title.

Bvdub, Wish I Was Here

Photo by Sam Rohn [Millions of Moments] Like any self-respecting trainspotter worth their salt, when I come across a producer whose music moves me, I need to find out more about them. Learning that San Francisco native Bvdub has been producing music for less than two years came as a huge shock, but deeper digging […]