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Jon Convex, Idoru EP 2

Seedy, pumping, scowling electronic music, bereft of frills and infused with a twitchy cocaine swagger is what Jon Convex offers on Idoru EP 2.

dBridge Presents Velvit, Passing Encounter / Scarlett

DBridge returns to his new Velvit alias on the sophomore release for Convex Industries, exploring new tempos with stellar effect while retaining his signature essence of jungle soul futurism.

Mathew Jonson, Dayz

Mathew Jonson makes an unexpected appearance on Crosstown Rebels with Dayz that comes with another surprise: a remix by dBridge.

Scuba/Dissident, Remixes

The latest platter from Hotflush/Offshore sister label, Hotshore, which pits D-Bridge against Scuba’s “Tense” and Headhunter against Dissident’s “Society of Silver,” suffers from incongruous aesthetic combinations.