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Scuba, Hardbody

Where “Talk Torque” continued Scuba’s trajectory out of Panorama Bar and into Ministry of Sound, “Hardbody” is much better, pulling things back inside from the festival grounds and into the club.

Scuba, Personality

Personality highlights the narrative that’s been hiding in plain sight: Scuba has steadily been nurturing an almost otherworldly studio prowess, one that reaches its apex here.

DOTW: Scuba, Flash Addict

This week’s download is the technoid B-side of “The Hope,” Scuba’s first single from his forthcoming Personality album.

Scuba, DJ-Kicks

Scuba’s DJ-Kicks is a solid sequel to and essentially the next logical step from Sub:stance, showcasing a scene that has pretty much jettisoned its dubstep roots.

SCB, Loss/FutureUnknown

“Loss” marks SCB’s debut outside the Hotflush family of imprints, and despite the downer of a title it’s a trip outside his usual sound into sunnier territories.

George FitzGerald, Don’t You

George FitzGerald’s Don’t You, complete with SCB remix, finds the young producer making big strides in his sound.

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

These 10 albums, as voted on by LWE’s writing staff, represent the best and most intrepid among the year’s long form statements.

Scuba, Triangulation (Interpretations)

To further explore all the avenues he pursued on Triangulation, Scuba enlisted a cadre of remixers to offer their Interpretations.


Paul Rose offers SCB001, the second releaseu under his techno-making alias, SCB, following a series of well received remixes for members of the Hotflush stable.

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure

LWE sat down with Sepalcure to find out how they shifted from a casual side-project to Hotflush-approved, extremely-hotly-tipped “lovestep” juggernaut. The boys were also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of the sort of tender house and fiesty bass that’s perhaps best enjoyed with a smooth Malbec and that special someone.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Albums

So in the last six months, why have I, in my capacity as a dance music writer, been pitching reviews of dance albums week in and week out? I think it’s because I’ve noticed something funny happening with dance music albums.

Scuba/Dissident, Remixes

The latest platter from Hotflush/Offshore sister label, Hotshore, which pits D-Bridge against Scuba’s “Tense” and Headhunter against Dissident’s “Society of Silver,” suffers from incongruous aesthetic combinations.

Scuba, Triangulation

Paul Rose has undoubtedly proved himself to be one of the great dance music triple threats of the moment. He’s flexed his mighty A&R muscle at Hotflush, which in the past year helped launched the careers of next-gen buzz magnets like Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison. (His forward-thinking Sub:stance nights at the Berghain have surely bubbled up from a similar impulse.) He’s emerged as one of the world’s most impressively dexterous DJs (see his Sub:stance mix or, better yet, his latest podcast for RA for proof), dropping dubstep and 4/4 with equally sure hands. And bass sides as Scuba and a recent foray into techno as SCB have been among the underground’s most beloved records as of late.


It’s almost silly that Paul Rose would go make a house/techno alias (somewhat) different from his well-established one. Lately Scuba’s productions would be more readily categorized as techno than dubstep anyway, even though his wide range of tempos and blend of styles comes out genre-less anyway. After the sublimely subterranean debut of the SCB moniker remixing his own “Hard Boiled,” the SCB project developed further with one of the mixes of 2009: the 37th mix in the mnml ssgs mix series. Kicking off a new series of catalog numbers on Hotflush, Scuba now looks to firmly plant the SCB flag with the succinctly titled SCB001.

Scuba, Sub:stance

It’s hard to resist beginning any discussion of an Ostgut Ton release — be it a single, album, or mix compilation — without discussing the room from which its artist ostensibly drew his or her inspiration. Berghain, with its veritable pipe organ of Funktion One stacks pushing sweaty air into lofty post-industrial buttresses, is particularly susceptible to this line of thinking. As evidenced by the sandpaper highs and sucker-punch lows adopted by just about anyone who’s been at (or looking to get their records to) the club’s helm, Berghain begs producers to push its acoustic buttons in extremely particular ways.

Scuba, Aesaunic EP

With its irreproachable roster of talent, Hotflush has become over the last couple of years a buy on sight label. Scuba himself has already provided one of the standout moments in dubstep this year with his “Klinik/Hundreds and Thousands” release, while Mount Kimbie’s “Sketch On Glass” emerged to leave critics slack jawed and saliva mawed at its recondite rhythms. Scuba’s new EP, lovingly spread over two slabs of vinyl will further fluster bass heads, encapsulating the breadth of his sound over five tracks ranging from blunt, fathomless ambient through to shimmering half steppers and steely, chrome-plated house.

Scuba, Klinik/Hundreds and Thousands

Hot on the tail of his remix packages from A Mutual Antipathy, Paul Rose has started the year with two killer remixes for Alpha Rhythm and Fever Ray. Following on from those is his new twelve on Hotflush which will further cement his status as one of the most compelling producers out.

Scuba, A Mutual Antipathy Remixes 3

[Hotflush Recordings] With only a small handful of releases to his name previously, Paul Rose aka Scuba stepped up in 2008 with a somewhat slept-on masterwork of an album, A Mutual Antipathy. The remix packages (of which there are now four) have been serving to convert any late comers to the Scuba appreciation group, with […]