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Jon Convex, Idoru EP 2

Seedy, pumping, scowling electronic music, bereft of frills and infused with a twitchy cocaine swagger is what Jon Convex offers on Idoru EP 2.

dBridge Presents Velvit, Passing Encounter / Scarlett

DBridge returns to his new Velvit alias on the sophomore release for Convex Industries, exploring new tempos with stellar effect while retaining his signature essence of jungle soul futurism.

Instra:mental, Let’s Talk/Vicodin

Let’s Talk/Vicodin, Instra:mental’s latest for Irish label [Naked Lunch], further expands their sound and is quite possibly their best single yet.

Mount Kimbie, Remixes Pt. 1

As befits two records firmly entrenched in the avant garde, the contributions to these two follow-up remix EPs are pure class, with some of Mount Kimbie’s closest contemporaries on the first and a few Berlin mainstays on the second.