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LWE Podcast 158: Brendon Moeller

LWE got in touch with Brendon Moeller to find out more about his label, what’s exciting him in his studio right now and the joys of playing live. He also put together our 158th podcast, a stunning hour of techno ranging from the ethereal to the menacing, the tripped out to the industrial. Download it now and feel your weekend kick back in.

Various Artists, Dispatches From The Bubble

Moeller’s new series on his Steadfast label gathers together tracks from four different techno pundits, each with their own particular take on dance floor techno.

Craig McWhinney, Divinity

Haul Music’s second 12″ backs founder Craig McWhinney’s “Divinity” with remixes by probable idols Echologist and CV313.

Echologist, Subterranean

The second Echologist album, Subterranean, explores the possibilities of forgoing most of the kicks and snares often associated with dub techno.