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Exclusive Download of the Week: Oskar Offermann, The Pleasure of Being Five Again

This week’s exclusive download is a morsel that feel from the cutting table when assembling Oskar Offermann’s debut album.

Glimpse/Martin Dawson/Alex Jones, Fat Controller

A collaboration between Martin Dawson, Glimpse and Hypercolour’s honcho, Alex Jones, Fat Controller is easily beat by Roman Flügel’s singular remix.

Adam Marshall, NK33

Adam Marshall’s latest for his own New Kanada imprint continues his slightly off-center approach to making techno and house. XI features on remix duty.

Shed, The Praetorian/RQ-170

While 50 Weapons calls The Praetorian/RQ-170 a “new side of Shed,” its often ineffable style is what one expects from such an unpredictable producer.

Emmanuel Top, Le Sous-Sol

Since returning to releasing records, Emmanuel Top’s productions have consistently reached back to an earlier time; Le Sous-Sol even evokes the classic “Spastik.”

Vince Watson, Interference EP

Vince Watson’s Interference EP for Tresor bears some of the hallmarks that’s had him grouped with Detroit techno but reminds listeners of his multifarious influences.

Julius Steinhoff/Oskar Offermann, Faces #6

While Julius Steinhoff and Oskar Offermann sharing a 12″ might not surprise, the latter’s B-side cut is sure to astonish some as it takes clubs by storm.

Morphosis, Too Far (Dettmann’s Definitions)

Marcel Dettmann offers “Redefinitions” of “Too Far” from Morphosis’ What Have We Learned, but struggles to integrate the original material.

Cuthead, Brother

The Brother EP for Uncanny Valley showcases both Cuthead’s hip-hop past and his house music present.

Craig McWhinney, Divinity

Haul Music’s second 12″ backs founder Craig McWhinney’s “Divinity” with remixes by probable idols Echologist and CV313.

Lawrence, Kurama

On Kurama, Peter Kersten’s debut for Pampa Records, the veteran producer slims down his sound to its most slender state.

Dominik Eulberg, Diorama Remixes Part 1

Tracks from Dominik Eulberg’s Diorama album get remixed by Petar Dundov, Jesse Somfay, Ryan Davis, and Stephan Bodzin (twice).

BBH: Fresh & Low, Little ‘i’

Foul & Sunk’s reissue of Fresh & Low’s Little ‘i’ EP improves the record’s availability for fans (original copies are around €53 on Discogs) and make the rest of us aware that it even exists.

West Norwood Cassette Library, Say What?

West Norwood Cassette Library moves Adam Marshall’s New Kanada label further from its roots as a house and techno label with the Say What? EP.

Moomin, Sweet Sweet

In advance of his forthcoming debut LP, Moomin drops Sweet Sweet for the same label, Smallville Records.

Joseph Terruel, The Hidden Cuts EP

Joseph Terruel’s The Hidden Cuts EP sees him offer up three well-crafted edits, the likes of which are liable to re-ignite the endless sampling debate.

Tim Green, Cherry/Swamp Girl

With Cherry/Swamp Girl,Tim Green helps improve the batting average of Crosstown Rebels’ new sub-label, Rebellion.

C-Beams, Strollin’ EP

C-Beams’ second Uncanny Valley appearance is their first solo release, one which somewhat continues the tranquil sensibilities of their first two tracks.