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LWE Podcast 175: Linkwood

LWE approached Linkwood to find out more about his musical background, how his engineering work influences his own productions and to get the low down on his forthcoming sophomore album. We also charged him with putting together our 175th exclusive podcast; an incredible mix of forthcoming gems and contemporary classics from himself and his peers.

Linkwood, Secret Value

Having firmly established the faultless Shevchenko via three killer self-penned releases, Vakula throws over control of number four to Edinburgh’s Linkwood.

Al Tourettes & Appleblim, Lipsmacker

Appleblim and Al Tourettes’ first single of all original material lands on Will Saul’s Aus Music imprint a little off balance.

Tornado Wallace, Paddlin’

Tornado Wallace’s Paddlin’ EP for the Delusions Of Grandeur label will likely see the Melbourne-based talent experience a spike in interest for his polished, classic deep house sound.

Linkwood, System

Prime Numbers has surfaced from the wading pool of deep house labels at a remarkable rate. Considering the apparent nonchalance of Prime No. 1 David Wolstencroft (best known as Trus’me), the consistency and quality of PN’s catalog is almost surprising. Developing an identifiable sound around a close-knit and capable collection of producers in just a few years requires equal amounts of luck, astute determination, and obviously, trust. Both eerie and warm, indivisible and expansive, reflective and current, the Prime Numbers sound boogies down like tears in rain. Prime producers like Reggie Dokes (owner of Detroit’s Psychostasia Recordings), Linkwood (Nick Moore), and Fudge Fingas (Gavin Sutherland) share Wolstencroft’s ethos to the point of near interchangeability (as evinced by the mixed disc of last years PN comp), while maintaining fresh takes on the sound. But with only bits and pieces thus far (albeit bright and poignant ones), and with Trus’me’s second album In the Red yet to see the light of day, it’s still to be seen how this collective drive should play out in greater detail. With System, Moore has slow-brewed just such a model, while further rendering his thematic preoccupations and once again proving his consummate production style.