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LWE Reflects on Electric Zoo

This Labor Day weekend at Randall’s Island, NYC, Made Events held its first Electric Zoo festival. LWE sent Chris Miller and Shuja Haider to scope it out. Electric Zoo instantly distinguishes itself as one of very few large dance music festivals in the Northeast. In spite of its disco and house pedigree, New York has not been home to an event comparable to Detroit’s Movement Festival; one attempt in 2008, Minitek, was notoriously plagued by technical difficulties. Electric Zoo, on the other hand, neatly caged in over 50 acts. The lineup featured a number of artists on the cutting edge of New York’s disco, house, and indie scenes, while some overseas acts rarely seen on these shores rounded out the weekend. The weather was perfect, and attendance was good. For the most part, sound was loud and clear, performers were easy to see, and everything was easily accessible. And while pizza and beer were available, so were falafel and coconut water. Was there a catch? Sort of.

Win tickets to Fabric’s Deep Space night

This Saturday, June 7th, Francois K and Brendon Moeller are packing their gear into the spaceship to bring NYC’s Deep Space night to London club extraordinaire, Fabric. Moeller (as Beat Pharmacy) will be performing with MC Spaceape in anticipation of his forthcoming dub protest album. And if that wasn’t enough, Prosumer, Murat Tepeli and their […]