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Mount Kimbie, Carbonated

If you were hungry for new Mount Kimbie tracks, Carbonated will sate your appetite, though admittedly you’d probably like nine or ten more bites.

Little White Earbuds July Charts 2011

01. Maxi Mill, “To The Next” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Morning Factory, “Fantasy Check” [Royal Oak]
03. Rio Padice, “Woodland” [Claque Musique]
04. Mount Kimbie, “Carbonated” (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
05. Roof Light, “On The Third” [Phuture Shock Musik]
06. Ricardo Miranda, “Urbanism”
[Noble Square Recordings]
07. Legowelt, “Backwoods Fantasies”
[Long Island Electrical Systems]
08. Levon Vincent, “Man or Mistress”
[Novel Sound]
09. DJ Duke, “Summer Madness”
[Self Defence Records]
10. Juju & Jordash, “Chelm Is Burning”
[Golf Channel Recordings]

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

These 10 albums, as voted on by LWE’s writing staff, represent the best and most intrepid among the year’s long form statements.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2010 (25-21)

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mount Kimbie

With the markers of just what exactly constitutes dubstep in perpetual motion, Mount Kimbie have been doing their part to blur the lines even further. LWE sat down with Dominic Maker and Kai Campos to talk about influences, recording the album and the future of the duo.

Mount Kimbie, Crooks & Lovers

Mount Kimbie’s Crooks & Robbers is a quirky little electronic album from a group whose beauty sneaks up on you, and whose poetry maybe isn’t readily apparent on your first bus ride.

Mount Kimbie, Remixes Pt. 2

Clearly cognizant of Mount Kimbie’s cross-border appeal to techno/house heads, Hotflush wisely spends the second remix EP on the 4×4 axis with mixes from head honcho, Paul Rose, and Panorama Bar residents Prosumer and Tama Sumo.

Mount Kimbie, Remixes Pt. 1

As befits two records firmly entrenched in the avant garde, the contributions to these two follow-up remix EPs are pure class, with some of Mount Kimbie’s closest contemporaries on the first and a few Berlin mainstays on the second.

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2009

When we make our year end lists we divide our favorite music into two categories: albums and singles. But the definition of an album is constantly shifting as evinced when Shackleton declared Three EPs was not an album but rather, well, three EPs. While many will still slot the release into their albums list, it got me thinking. Between singles and albums lists we miss a crucial group, especially for electronic music: the 12″ EP. More than a single but not quite an LP, the 12″ allows producers to execute their vision over the course of around 20 minutes. For me, these records contained some 2009’s best music.

Mount Kimbie, Sketch On Glass

“Sketch On Glass” is the highly anticipated second release by Mount Kimbie, following their highly rated “Maybes” EP from earlier this year, also on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings. These guys are in the zone! Pioneering a catchy brand of light-as-air, deep-as-the-ocean, feel-good dubstep, here they offer us four more superb tracks.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Breakout Acts

One of the great joys of going to your local record shop (or, er, scrolling through menus of WhatPeoplePlay) is the anticipation, nay, expectation of discovering something or someone you had never hear of before. As Innervisions boss Dixon says of their bright young hope, Culoe de Song, “Sometimes tracks appear from somewhere you would never expect.” So far, 2009 has been no different, with a host of fresh and (more often than not) astonishingly young talent breaking through. Narrowing it down was a tough job, but here are five artists that have sent our radar haywire in the last six months.