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DOTW: Reese & Santino, The Sound

This week’s download is Kevin Saunderson’s revenge against producers who’ve ripped off his 1987 hit, “The Sound.”

BBH: Various Artists, NSC 1-4

More than ten years after its 1998 release, NSC 1-4 remains a testament to the relationship between the National Sound Corporation and Detroit techno’s luminaries.

Little White Earbuds July Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Shed, Shedding the Past [Ostgut Ton] In a year that’s shaping up quite nicely for techno/house albums, Shed’s long-playing debut is certain to be at the front of the pack. Internally diverse and unique among its peers, Shedding the Past truly dispenses with familiar forms (4×4 beats are a […]

Kevin Saunderson, History Elevate 4

[KMS] Fans of this website are no doubt aware of the remix series which has seen a host of modern techno and house luminaries breathe fresh life into classic Kevin Saunderson productions on KMS. “History Elevate” has given our ears a few sensational pieces of music, some of which may indeed emerge as classics in […]

Kevin Saunderson, History Elevate 3

[KMS] While parsing through a slightly heated discussion over whether Kevin Saunderson’s recent RA podcast — packed with poppy cuts and mixed with CDs/Ableton — had stained his legendary status, one post stood out to me. The author reminded the participants that Saunderson’s long career took place both above ground and underground, so it shouldn’t […]