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Floorplan, Phobia

Robert Hood’s Floorplan guise edges closer to the Detroit producer’s more austere side while delivering a whopping gospel-informed sound, as well.

Floorplan, Sanctified EP

It has long been known that Robert Hood is a deeply religious person, but Sanctified contains his most explicit musical expression of this part of his life.

Robert Hood, Alpha/The Family

M-Planet selects UK producer James Ruskin to remix “Alpha,” the first single from Robert Hood’s recent Omega album.

BBH: Robert Hood, Stereotype EP

Robert Hood’s burst of activity in 2009 was composed half of new releases and half of reissues. After reissuing the classic Minimal Nation Hood fired off a couple new jams (including the wicked “Superman”) before continuing the reissues with The Pace/Wandering Endlessly. Which leads us to M.PM number 5, the legendary Stereotype EP first released in 1998. Last year we noted the strength of 2009’s reissues, and Hood’s were a big part of that.