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Mala, Cuba Electronic

For Cuba Electronic and his forthcoming album, Mala has extensively sampled local musicians while traveling to Havana, realigning complex Latin rhythms with his warm boom.

King Midas Sound, Goodbye Girl/Earth A Kill Ya

With the announcement of Without You, a collection of remixes of the 2009 King Midas Sound album, Waiting For You, Kevin Martin’s unique vision is once again being examined.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mala

Interviewing Mala felt like a task as heavy as the bass weight that made him famous. LWE spoke with him about the downsides of the Internet, the virtues of not having a codified creative process, and the general aura of greatness that surrounds Moritz von Oswald.

Digital Mystikz, Return II Space

Mala, producing sans Coki as Digital Mystikz, has cast what could be the purest dubstep of the last few years — if not the purest dubstep imaginable at this point — in the form of Return II Space.