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Cooly G, Hold Me

Cooly G’s Hold Me is far more sweaty, in-your-face, and danceable than the spun-out shadow spaces of Playin’ Me

DJ Rashad, I Don’t Give A Fuck

The four tracks on DJ Rashad’s new offering, I Don’t Give A Fuck, are short and to the point, continually in high-speed motion, with a deep emphasis on human voice.

Kode9, Xingfu Lu / Kan

XIngfu Lu / Kan, Hyperdub boss Steve Goodman’s first production outing since 2011, is as lone-standing as ever.

Burial, Truant / Rough Sleeper

Burial’s dramatic shift towards making longer pieces with multiple movements picks up steam on his late 2012 release, Truant/Rough Sleeper.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2012

For LWE’s second year-end column, staff writer Steve Kerr rounds up the five most essential imprints of 2012.

Morgan Zarate, Broken Heart Collector

Broken Heart Collector intertwines Morgan Zarate’s penchant for all things soulful with bombastic synths and focused pop sensibilities.

Terror Danjah, Dark Crawler

Dark Crawler, the first single from Terror Danjah’s forthcoming album of the same name, sees the grime scene mainstay reprising the uncompromising bravado of his earlier work.

Cooly G, Playin Me

On her long-awaited debut album, Playin Me, Cooly G harnesses her talents to convey the complexity of the moments inspiring her tunes.

Laurel Halo, Quarantine

With Quarantine, Laurel Halo seems to have arrived at the edge of her vision, delivering beatless ambience on which her vocals dance with convincing, awkward poise.

King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm, Fhloston Paradigm

Hyperdub continue their ascent into a musical space relatively far removed from the hardcore continuum with this release from King Britt in his Fhloston Paradigm guise.

Cooly G, Landscapes

On Landscapes, Cooly G’s third release for Hyperdub, she does not quite consolidate the meditative and muscular to her usual convincing effect.

King Midas Sound, Goodbye Girl/Earth A Kill Ya

With the announcement of Without You, a collection of remixes of the 2009 King Midas Sound album, Waiting For You, Kevin Martin’s unique vision is once again being examined.

Hype Williams, Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II

Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II is a Hype Williams record above all else, with their iconoclasm on full display.

Ossie, Set The Tone

With his new EP for Hyperdub, Set The Tone, Ossie attempts to capture a particularly unique strain of funky house with three tracks of varying degrees of similarity.

Burial, Street Halo EP

On Street Halo, his first new release in four years, Burial shrugs off expectations and hews closely to what he’s done before.

DOTW: Kode9 ft. Cha Cha, Time Patrol Dub

Piggybacking on Andrew Ryce’s excellent interview with Kode9, this week’s download is an unreleased dub version of his track “Time Patrol.”

Funkystepz, Fuller/Hurricane Riddim

After a modestly bright 2010, North London’s Funkystepz make their Hyperdub debut with Fuller/Hurricane Riddim.

Morgan Zarate, Hookid EP

Morgan Zarate finds Hyperdub, a label whose sounds are as diverse as his own musical career, as the home for his new Hookid EP.

Terror Danjah, Undeniable

Throughout Undeniable‘s thick tracklist each song fits into the whole as a strong and essential cog, like the people of a vibrant city, as befitting the origins of grime in East London.

Cooly G, Up In My Head/Phat Si

Cooly G’s latest for Hyperdub, Up In My Head/Phat Si, is perhaps also her greatest.