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LWE Podcast 140: Marcellus Pittman is archived this week

LWE Podcast 140, mixed by Marcellus Pittman, was a far-reaching journey through funk, soul, house, and techno that just gets better with each successive track. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, September 13th.

LWE Podcast 140: Marcellus Pittman

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Mr. Pittman ahead of his date at Fabric’s 13th birthday celebrations to find out more about his beginnings, what his position in 3 Chairs and Rotating Assembly means to him, and how he approaches his DJ sets. He also gave us our 140th exclusive podcast, a typically inspired and far reaching journey through funk, soul, house and techno that just gets better with each successive track.

BBH: Various Artists, In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit

It’s not often that we’ll write up a repress here at LWE, especially when the original discs were released less than a decade ago, but then In the Dark is a pretty special collection of music.

Madteo, ReCast

For evidence of Madteo’s pull within the house and techno community, witness the line-up of remixers on ReCast: Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Kassem Mosse, and Marcellus Pittman.

Talking Shop with FIT Sound/Distribution

LWE sat down Aaron Siegel of FIT Sound/Distribution and talked about his philosophies about hearing and sharing music; art, sound, and business; and Detroit’s insulated and protective musical culture.

Marcellus Pittman, The Eastside Story

The Eastside Story, Marcellus Pittman’s first EP for the Scottish label Seventh Sign, effectively offers something for everyone across its three tracks.