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DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still

DJ Sprinkles’ Where Dancefloors Stand Still is a particularly refreshing mix whose astoundingly on-point selections sequenced just so could redefine what listeners should expect from the mix CD format.

Franklin De Costa, She Is The One

Wading into still slower tempos, Franklin De Costa strikes upon some intriguing ideas with his She Is The One EP for Mule Musiq.

Mr. Raoul K, The African Government

Mr. Raoul K’s The African Government on Mule Musiq hearkens back to his dance music salad days and showcases where he’s at now as a producer.

Talking Shop with Mule Musiq

Mule Musiq, one of Japan’s leading techno/house labels, is the focus of our attention this time around. Owned and operated by Toshiya Kawasaki, Mule Musiq (and its sub-labels, Mule Electronic and Endless Flight) offers a uniquely Japanese point of view that’s helped popularize Force of Nature and Kuniyuki, while also hosting standout releases from Terre Thaemlitz, Minilogue, Henrik Schwarz, Lawrence and even Lydia Lunch (among many others). Mr. Kawasaki was kind enough to answer our questions about the differences between Japanese and Western music industries, the label’s origins and Mule Musiq’s philosophy for running a successful label.

Kuniyuki, Remixed Vol.3

[Mule Musiq] The third release in the Kuniyuki remix series, helmed by Henrik Schwarz and Tony Lionni, gives us yet another set of interpretations of the Japanese producer’s deep, down-tempo house tracks. Earlier this summer, “Remixed Vol. 2” dropped two great cuts — an airy, all over the place Cobblestone Jazz remix of “The Session” […]

Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki, The Session

[Mule Musiq] Usually the phrase “jam session” conjures mental images of hippies, bongos and rooms thick with marijuana smoke. But despite the aimless connotations, long and improvised sessions are how a number of great techno/house musicians find their signature grooves which are then whittled into tracks. Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer, Ricardo Villalobos and a […]