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LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2013 (5–1)

DJ Debriefing with DJ Sprinkles

Always outspoken about her experiences and processes, Thaemlitz spoke with LWE via Skype in advance of a tour for Francis Harris’ album release, and more immediately before her gig at Oval Space on October 25th.

Little White Earbuds September Charts

01. The Mole, “Lockdown Party” (Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) [Perlon]
02. Spaventi Dazzuro, “Lonely” (Crunchy Club Mix) [M>O>S Recordings]
03. Stingray 313, “NKKK4_2” [[NakedLunch]]
04. Pegasus Heat, “Yum Yum” (Ike Release Gummi Remix) [Episodes]
05. HNNY, “Mys” [Let’s Play House]
06. Julius Steinhoff, “You Collect Secrets”
[Live At Robert Johnson]
07. BNJMN, “CVRD” [Rush Hour Recordings]
08. Hugh Mane, “Hard To Finish If You’re Finish” [Running Back]
09. Terrence Parker Feat. Reno Ka, “Finally” (Louie Vega Remix) [Planet E]
10. Credit 00, “East of Nowhere” [Uncanny Valley]

Little White Earbuds May Charts 2013

01. DJ Overdose, “Housing the House”
[Lunar Disko Records]
02. The Citizen’s Band, The Softest Touch”
Live At Robert Johnson]
03. Leonid, “SD2” [Photic Fields]
04. Koehler, “Kiss Me Deadly” [Skudge White]
05. Stellar OM Source, “Elite Excel” (Kassem Mosse Remix) [RVNG Intl.]
06. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald, “Electric Garden” [Tresor]
07. DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still [Mule Musiq]
08. Djrum, “Honey” [2nd Drop Records]
09. Outboxx, “Sunshine Mills” [Idle Hands]
10. Juju & Jordash, “A Stab In The Dark” [Ostgut Ton]

DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still

DJ Sprinkles’ Where Dancefloors Stand Still is a particularly refreshing mix whose astoundingly on-point selections sequenced just so could redefine what listeners should expect from the mix CD format.

Area, Bourbon Skies

“Bourbon Skies” for the much hyped Russian label ARMA hesitantly builds on Area’s reputation, with a pair of heavyweight remixers (DJ Sprinkles and Vakula) in tow.

Jorge C, A Little Beat

A Little Beat, the newest release from Ojo de Apolo, strikes a path somewhere between the label’s early minimal techno and its newer deep house sounds. DJ Sprinkles is on remix duty.

DJ Sprinkles vs K-S.H.E., A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz

Culled from her 2006 Routes Not Roots album as Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion K-S.H.E (“B2B”) and the digital-only A Silence Broken compilation (“Hush Now”), this release hosts two of Terre Thaemlitz’s most potent and timely dance floor tracks on vinyl for the first time.

LWE Podcast 14: DJ Sprinkles retires this week

It is with an especially heavy heart that we inform you that our 14th podcast, a live DJ mix from DJ Sprinkles (aka the inimitable Terre Thaemlitz), is heading off to the archives.

LWE Podcast 14: DJ Sprinkles

If house were a nation and LWE its president, Terre Thaemlitz is the first person we would look to when filling our cabinet. It would be difficult to decide where to put her, though, as his abundant talents make him perfect for many roles. As a top notch producer whose roots are tangled in the history of house, she’d make an excellent minister of culture; as a great thinker who elucidates hidden truths in media, gender, sexuality and our interactions with them all, he’d fit well as secretary of the interior of our heads. Midtown 120 Blues, his first album delivered under his disc jockey alias, DJ Sprinkles, brings these departments together, recontextualizing house music to the tune of sumptuous deep-house (easily nabbing the #3 spot in our top albums of 2008 list). So we’re very pleased to have Thaemlitz curating LWE’s 14th podcast, which is actually a live DJ mix from his Deeperama series.

DJ Sprinkles, Midtown 120 Blues

[Mule Musiq] Like disco before it, house music was born in queer club culture, one of the few places its artists and patrons — mostly gay minority men — could be themselves without fear of reprisal. And also like disco, house was co-opted by ever larger audiences, shedding its ethnicity and sexuality along the way. […]