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Tazz, Science Friction

The roving sounds of Tazz come to rest once again on Adam Marshall’s New Kanada label for Science Friction, which includes a Presk remix.

DIVA, Paris Stabbing

A project devoted to the spirit of Jocelyn Brown, Lolleatta Holloway, and other such vocalists, DIVA in fact takes a freeform, analog-sounding approach to composition on Paris Stabbing.

Adam Marshall, NK33

Adam Marshall’s latest for his own New Kanada imprint continues his slightly off-center approach to making techno and house. XI features on remix duty.

West Norwood Cassette Library, Say What?

West Norwood Cassette Library moves Adam Marshall’s New Kanada label further from its roots as a house and techno label with the Say What? EP.

Seuil, Moonapark EP

Seuil branches out from his tracky house aesthetic and nails whole new styles on his Moonapark EP for New Kanada.

Basic Soul Unit, Basic Necessity EP

“Tool” is almost exclusively used dismissively in dance music criticism, but must every track hold up unlayered, unmixed, or otherwise isolated? Some brilliant club tunes deserve your headphoned attention, but I think we critics sometimes lose sight of where classic moments in dance music occur — on the floor, with a deft selector manning the decks. Toronto’s Stuart Li, known in grimy house music circles as Basic Soul Unit, has become a DJ’s favorite for the very reason many of us might usually click the skip button: save his “Panorama Bar 02 | Part I” A-side, “Things Pass” from this fall, which found Li in veritable anthem mode, they’re unabashedly tracky. While Basic Soul Unit’s recent “Basic Necessity EP” for New Kanada might not contain a DJ’s main event, its contents provide the sort of sinews that hold great sets together, bridging the gap between the energy of one showcase track and the next.

LWE Podcast 06: Adam Marshall

Beyond producing quality house music for Thema, Cynosure, and Dumb-Unit (among others), Adam Marshall is also the head honcho for the up-and-coming New Kanada and KUJI labels. So when he sent LWE this exclusive new mix which seamlessly spans deep-house and techno with personalized edits, we knew it needed to be shared with the world.