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LWE Podcast 54: Nico Purman is archived this week

LWE’s 54th podcast was mixed by Argentine rhythm architect Nico Purman. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, July 15.

LWE Podcast 54: Nico Purman

In this rare interview, Purman discusses his dance music education, his hands-on approach to percussion, and the music trio he’d most like to show up at his studio. And in LWE’s 54th exclusive podcast he exhibits the dynamic DJing style that continues to win him fans over an hour’s time.

Nico Purman, Rhapsodies

When evaluating music it’s not uncommon for music critics such as myself to overemphasize innovative sounds and structures and overlook the artists who work well inside the dimensions of established forms. Novel thrills get rarer with each year of new releases, with each new software edition, so by setting the bar inordinately high we discount some still worthy releases that are a bit more familiar, especially within dance music. Yet you would be hard pressed to find a full dance floor that expects aural alchemy from its DJs, or a DJ who resists all but the most revelatory records — it’s just not how things work away from our computers. Rhapsodies, a late 2009 release from Argentinian producer Nico Purman was my latest reminder of where my head should be at. Although he’s best known for his tenebrous tech-house on Modelisme, Curle Recordings and Vakant, this record finds Purman unexpectedly tossing his hat into deep and ethnic house rings. His outsider’s perspective lends a lot to these well worn paths, making this one of his most enjoyable EPs.