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Little White Earbuds March Charts 2014

01. Octo Octa, “Cause I Love You” [100% Silk]
02. Ricoshëi, “Perfect Like You” [Pampa Records]
03. Heartthrob, “Let Them Go” [ISISNT]
04. Jack Dice, “Low Glo” [Modern Love]
05. Santiago Salazar, “Galactic Stomp” [Finest Blend Recordings]
06. Leif, “Flight” [Fear Of Flying]
07. Community Corporation, “108 Dead at City Hall” [Crisis Urbana Recordings]
08. Samuel, “Numberuma” [Brstl]
09. Joey Anderson, “Sorcery” [Dekmantel]
10. Garnier, “Boom (Chakolak)” [Still Music]

Silent Servant / Santiago Salazar, Mi Alma

Silent Servant’s split 12″ with Santiago Salazar offers two beautifully sinewy techno sides, both imbued with differing shades of melancholy and bite.

Win 2 tickets to see Santiago Salazar & Hakim Murphy @ Smart Bar

Little White Earbuds and Smart Bar are excited to bring Santiago Salazar, Hakim Murphy, and LWE’s Steve Mizek to Smart Bar on Saturday, July 2nd. Two pairs of you will join us gratis if you enter our contest of sorts. Simply send an email to contest[at]littlewhiteearbuds.com with your full name and “S2 IN CHICAGO” as […]

DOTW: Santiago Salazar, Technik

“Technik,” Santiago Salazar’s donation to the Soul Aid project, is this week’s introspective download.

LWE Podcast 30: Santiago Salazar retires this week

LWE’s 30th exclusive podcast was another milestone mixed by UR-affiliate and Historia y Violencia labelhead, Santiago Salazar. Don’t forget to grab his blistering hour of techno before it heads off to the archives this Friday, December 3rd at 10a.m. CST.

DOTW: Santiago Salazar, Jamilia’s Theme

This week’s free download is a sultry house number by Santiago Salazar, and it’s available as a .WAV!

Santiago Salazar, Your Club Went Hollywood

If you have a penchant for dance music, are over 21 and living in any moderately sized US city there is almost no avoiding nightclubs. They serve as the most likely environs to experience a DJ but often times they are venues ill suited for the music. Be it shitty sound systems, poor layouts or staff with attitude to spare, a bad club can ruin a great DJ’s performance, but more importantly they counteract the whole reason for going out in the first place. Santiago Salazar’s debut 12″ for Wallshaker Music takes the modern club owner to task for those very sins and more.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2009 (15-11)

LWE Podcast 30: Santiago Salazar

Little White Earbuds tracked down Mr. Salazar to tap his brain for more information on collaborations, being a part of the techno version of Parliament and the importance of dancing to your own tracks. In addition, Santiago helms our exclusive 30th podcast which is full of slamming (and often unreleased) techno cuts that’ll have S2 fans drooling.

Silent Servant/Santiago Salazar, La Noche/La Minoria

The second installment from the vital Historia Y Violencia label tracks two further impeccable emissions from Messrs Mendez and Salazar. For “La Noche,” Silent Servant again digs deep into the vault of Basic Channel rhythms, weighing in with a concrete textured, knuckle scraping journey through some very gritty terrain. Obviously Silent Servant’s Sandwell District camp buddies have been rubbing off on him; the punishing, cruel as winter tones matched with luckless, dead end chords sounding every bit as menacing as an early Downwards release. While there is an ascendant trajectory propelling the chords, their path is narrow and ultimately circuitous, destined to travel the same bleak pathways time and again.

Santiago Salazar, Arcade

If Salazar turned in his needles today he’d leave sporting a first-class resume: member of the legendary Underground Resistance, core contributor to live acts like Los Hermanos, and steady recording mercenary for Carl Craig’s Planet E. So it’s not like S2’s aching for a new belt-notch. If anything, his latest on Macro proves that he’s still out busting his hump like the rest of them to turn out quality music.

Santiago Salazar/Silent Servant, Santuario/Lo Profundo

[Historia y Violencia] Imagining hitherto un-thought of couplings can be an amusing pastime; animals being able to cross species breed; chessgammon, the new board game for the weary pawn; vodka ibuprofen mixers, the preventative refresher. Of course they can prove to go horribly wrong too; “Alien Vs Predator” and a McCain/Palin ticket, just for example. […]