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Gatekeeper, Atmosphere Processor

Atmosphere Processor, the newest release from Gatekeeper, fits neatly into the wider lineage of Apple Pips with jungle, deep house, and dub reference points.

LWE Interviews Appleblim

LWE caught up with Appleblim recently to chat about the continued influence of DMZ and FWD>>, UK dubplate culture, and more in advance of his appearance this Saturday in New York for the Sub:stance New York residency launch.

Arkist, Rendezvous

True to form, Arkist’s debut on the always weird Apple Pips label might be his best work yet.

Kidkut, ILove04/Lilt

Adam Jackson made his mark on bass music from behind the scenes as proprietor of Immerse Records until emerging from the shadows with his debut single for Apple Pips.

Al Tourettes, Dodgem/Sunken

Apple Pips sure do have an odd release schedule. After “Humber” appeared in April following a couple months of delay, the Bristol based label was silent until late June, when Brackles’ “Get a Job” and Ramadanman and Appleblim’s “Justify” appeared within just two weeks of each other. Cue more radio silence until late, at which point two new Apple Pips 12″s appear from nowhere in the same week: Instra:mental’s long-anticipated “Leave it All Behind” and “Dodgem/Sunken” by frequent Appleblim collaborator Al Tourettes. Apple Pips have proven exceptional at providing little-known artists with much needed exposure, and Al Tourettes seeks to impress with “Dodgem/Sunken,” the label’s eighth record.

Brackles, Get a Job

Apple Pips have spent their first five records mining the area between techno and dubstep, releasing 12″s from established techno vets and some of dubstep’s biggest, freshest names. Appleblim, however, is not content to stick with a single sound, and the latest records from his Bristol-based label bring even more genres into the melting pot. Their sixth comes from Brackles, a man earning lots of attention for both his fantastic DJing and his productions as well. Brackles has previously collaborated with Shortstuff, but his first completely solo 12,” “Get a Job,” brings in a totally different sound to the Apple Pips camp.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Labels

Record nerds of the world are greeted daily by news of the music industry’s impending doom. Yet record labels — in dance music, at least — have refused to fade away. All profitability aside, might the concept of the record label in 2009 be as strong as it’s ever been? As record stores continue closing at an alarming rate (Manhattan’s Etherea Records, one of my personal favorite spots for dance vinyl, shuttered this past February), there exist less shelf space for the familiar sleeve designs and logos of your favorite imprints to stare down enticingly at you. But in this digital era, where dance music is more easily disseminated than ever before, the filter of a reputable record label has taken on supreme importance in separating wheat from chaff. Tellingly, some of 2009’s most exciting labels have de-emphasized genre affiliation in favor of amping up their reputation for quality output. Others, realizing how quickly novel sounds can weave their way through the scene via the blogosphere (ahem), are starting labels as incubators for daring new tracks that might not have found an outlet otherwise. And despite the seemingly endless tide of new music gushing through the cracks of record bags and hard drives, some of the best labels have resisted the urge to flood the market with their brand, releasing only the choicest of cuts.