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Pev & Hodge, Bells

Peverelist returns to his Punch Drunk imprint for the first time in three years with Bristol’s Hodge in tow, offering two divergent takes on the same tune.

Pev, Aztec Chant

While Peverelist tracks do not necessarily sit easily in a mix, the two tracks on his latest Livity Sound release are relatively direct and no less memorable.

Pev & Kowton, Raw Code

The pairing of Peverelist and Kowton feels right at home on Hessle Audio on their Raw Code 12″.

Typesun, Heart Maths

This first single from the forthcoming LP, side-by-side with Guido and remixed by Peverelist, strongly reflects the Bristol scene’s atmosphere of mutual creative unity.

Objekt, Cactus / Porcupine

After more than half a year without new releases, Hessle Audio storms back into action with Cactus, Objekt’s powerful label debut.

LWE’s Top 30 Tracks of 2011 (20-16)

Vessel, Nylon Sunset

The inaugural release from left_blank by Vessel is exemplary of the most modern takes on garage which comes complete with a lean Peverelist remix.

Little White Earbuds April Charts 2011

01. Jerzzey Boy, “Like A” [My Love Is Underground]
02. Recondite, “Robur” [Plangent]
03. Roman Flügel, “Iron Curtain” [Live At Robert Johnson]
04. Terrence Dixon, “City Nights” [Thema]
05. Vakula, “Kiev” [Achipel]
06. Julius Steinhoff, “Mischief Of One Kind And Another” [Geography Records]
07. Peverelist, “Dance Til The Police Come” [Hessle Audio]
08. Prostitune, “NJ Turnpike” [Just Another Beat]
09. Andre Lodemann, “Your Choice”
[Room With A View]
10. Leonid Nevermind, “Thymus Stimulator” [Nowar]

Peverelist, Dance Til The Police Come/Fundamentals

Dance Till The Police Come/Fundamentals is a departure from Peverelist’s past work, taking the nervous tics of “Better Ways Of Living” or “The Hum” and jetting off with them into full-on rave hysteria.

LWE’s Top 10 Downloads (From the Second Half) of 2010

Peverelist & Hyetal, The Hum/rrr

Quite established apart, Peverelist and Hyetal show they’re just as good together on The Hum/rrr.

Peverelist, Better Ways of Living/Fighting Without Fighting

Peverelist’s latest single for his own Punch Drunk imprint affords audiences very different listening experiences depending on whether they hear it in a club or at home.

Shackleton, Shortwave/You Bring Me Down (Remixes)

Of the new generation of dubstep producers, Sam Shackleton has proven himself to be the most receptive to crossing over with other genres in a mutually back-scratching manner. After famously remixing and being remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, Shackleton has more favors returned here. Reprising a combo first seen on last year’s Steingarten remixes project, Shackleton has two tracks from his forthcoming Skull Disco full-length remixed by Pole and Peverelist for a special vinyl release from ~scape, furthering the cross-pollination efforts.