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LWE Podcast 171: Thomas Fehlmann

LWE reached out to ask Fehlmann about how he and Patterson work together, what it was like working with reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, and how it felt being back on stage with some of his old Palais Schaumburg members after nearly 30 years. He also treated us to an hour of some of his most recent musical purchases, a supreme mix of house and techno that makes up our 171st exclusive podcast.

Various Artists, Enjoy the Silence Vol. 1

Back in the summer of 2007, Chris Mann began his review of the Soul Jazz Box of Dub with the following statement: “Most compilations are like group photos: someone always has their eyes closed.” I find this usually tends to be true, and never more so than on Mule Electronic’s Enjoy The Silence Vol. 1. This collection of ambient music by house and techno producers ranges from excellent to completely boring, with typically impressive names falling into both camps. All in all, it is a pretty dull release, despite a few strong moments.

BBH: 3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins, Jazz Is The Teacher

By 1992, the spiritual kinship between the cities of Detroit and Berlin had existed for years. But despite the invisible conduit of ideas and inspiration flowing back and forth between the world’s electronic dance music capitols, there was precious little actual collaboration to show for it — just a handful of tracks, really, though a symbiosis of ideas and a definitive kinship was in full flower. 3MB was the German half of the equation, featuring Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Fehlmann who would go on to produce pioneering music of their own. The pair had worked a year previous with Detroit techno pioneer Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes, though the group only truly collaborated on two tracks on the double LP released under their names. By all accounts, however, the work between Atkins, von Oswald and Fehlmann was a true melting pot, the music showcased on the group’s self-titled double LP released by Tresor in 1993.