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Atomâ„¢, HD

Atomâ„¢ isn’t exactly palling around with Timbaland, but on his new album, HD, he takes a couple pages from Kraftwerk in his acerbic exploration of electronics in pop music.

DOTW: Atomâ„¢, Mp3

For this week’s download, Atomâ„¢ generously donated the track “Mp3” — one of the first times he’s given away one of his tracks as a digital file.

LWE Interviews Uwe Schmidt (Atomâ„¢)

In this interview LWE chats with Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart/Atom™/Señor Coconut) about his recent work and his observations on the challenges surrounding contemporary music.

Odd Machine, Phase In

It’s always seemed to me that Tobias Freund’s Non Standards Productions have been more about sessions than tracks, and Odd Machine’s “Phase In” is no exception. For the second Odd Machine release, Freund pairs up with his old friend, Uwe Schmidt. Like many of this duo’s past collaborations (from back when Freund’s business cards still read “Pink Elln”), this session is characterized by live improvisation within established technical boundaries. Freund unsurprisingly clings to his Roland TR-808, while Schmidt gets comfy behind a vintage Linn 9000/LM2 drum machine and one of those newfangled, Lite-Brite-looking Yamaha Tenori-On machines. Get “Phase In” spinning and the first thing you’ll hear is the voice of Roger Linn giving a cook’s tour of the drum machine he designed — a telling sign of things to come.

Atomâ„¢, Liedgut

[Raster-Noton] Is Raster-Noton loosening up? 2007 foreshadowed their potential foray into techno with Signal’s Robotron and Frank Bretschneider’s Rhythm. The dream was realized last year with Byetone’s Death of a Typographer and “Plastic Star” 12″, in addition to the Gas book/CD. These motley releases are something of a face lift for a label heralded for […]