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Ricardo Villalobos, Dependent And Happy

Across 10 sprawling sides of vinyl, Ricardo Villalobos leaves several years of missed opportunities in the rearview and reaffirms his role as one of dance music’s most peculiar and vital voices.

LWE Interviews Uwe Schmidt (Atomâ„¢)

In this interview LWE chats with Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart/Atom™/Señor Coconut) about his recent work and his observations on the challenges surrounding contemporary music.

Atomâ„¢, Liedgut

[Raster-Noton] Is Raster-Noton loosening up? 2007 foreshadowed their potential foray into techno with Signal’s Robotron and Frank Bretschneider’s Rhythm. The dream was realized last year with Byetone’s Death of a Typographer and “Plastic Star” 12″, in addition to the Gas book/CD. These motley releases are something of a face lift for a label heralded for […]