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LWE Podcast 125: Tobias Freund is archived this week

LWE’s 125th podcast comes from veteran producer and engineer Tobias Freund, who put together a far-reaching collection of influences and favorites that beams you directly into the mind of one of dance music’s most enduring players. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, May 24th.

Function, Incubation

Dave Sumner’s more than 16 years in the trenches of techno and house have prepared him to make Incubation, his first solo album — is a beacon of timeless techno and stellar mixing.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Fetch

Fetch finds the Moritz Von Oswald Trio expanding their sonic remit even further from their original longplayer revelation.

LWE Podcast 125: Tobias Freund

LWE got in touch with Freund to quiz him about his new album with Atomâ„¢, the secret to a good collaboration, and whether we’ll be hearing more from NSI in the near future. He also put together our 125th exclusive podcast, a far reaching collection of influences and favorites that beams you directly into the mind of one of dance music’s most enduring players.

tobias., Leaning Over Backwards

Tobias Freund’s Leaning Over Backwards is an album that gracefully sidesteps expectation, revealing the work of an artist interested only in expounding his theories through working practice.

DOTW: Atomâ„¢ + Pink Elln, Live At Berghain Side B

This week we witness the magic that happens when Uwe Schmidt and Tobias Freund join forces.

LWE Does Unsound Festival NY 2011

After a week of recuperation, LWE’s Jordan Rothlein and Chris Miller offer their thoughts on this year’s Unsound Festival New York.

nsi., Sync

Sync doesn’t feel like the group’s next logical step so much as a blatant restatement of purpose: these are nsi.’s machines, and this is everything they can do.

LWE Interviews Uwe Schmidt (Atomâ„¢)

In this interview LWE chats with Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart/Atom™/Señor Coconut) about his recent work and his observations on the challenges surrounding contemporary music.

Ellen Allien, Dust

Given how well Ellen Allien has worked within the pop and rock spheres in the past, her attempts to incorporate these sounds with her abstract tendencies on Dust fail to form a coherent, engaging whole.

DOTW: Tampopo, Helicopters Got Cameras (tobias. Remix)

To celebrate five years of existence, Belgium’s Curle Recordings rounds up some of its favorite tracks and makes Tobias Freund’s remix of “Helicopters Got Cameras” by Tampopo available for free.

nsi., Eitherway

More and more, the recordings of Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund’s Non Standard Institute seem to parallel the ineffable and absorbing audio artifacts they namecheck from time to time — records like Cluster’s Großes Wasser, Pharaoh Sanders’ Thembi, or This Heat’s This Heat. Like those records, their latest EP sounds as though conceived through exploratory tinker-now, edit-later studio sessions where the ultimate goal isn’t necessarily a new record. All the same, their latest eccentric collection of fascinating, too-brief compositional sketches is a richly satisfying listen. Cut from the same cloth as the track LWE hosted as a free mp3 this month, you could imagine Eitherway as something like last year’s RA-podcasted Mutek set, but parsed into discrete vignettes.

Download an exclusive track from nsi.

Few electronic musicians have earned the title of “mad scientists” as thoroughly as nsi., the venerable duo of Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer. Their productions are often the results of studio experimentation, allowing their analog synths and vintage drum machines to run wild and form tracks almost incidentally — the journey being much more important than the end destination. On Friday February 5th, as part of the Unsound Festival, nsi. will bring their sonic tinkering (and much of their analog gear) to New York City to provide the soundtrack for Andy Warhol’s seminal film, “The Kiss,” alongside Detroit techno legend Carl Craig, who will do the same for Warhol’s “The Blowjob.” There are 7:30pm and 9:30pm showings at The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater, both of which will probably sell out, so get your tickets while you can.

Odd Machine, Phase In

It’s always seemed to me that Tobias Freund’s Non Standards Productions have been more about sessions than tracks, and Odd Machine’s “Phase In” is no exception. For the second Odd Machine release, Freund pairs up with his old friend, Uwe Schmidt. Like many of this duo’s past collaborations (from back when Freund’s business cards still read “Pink Elln”), this session is characterized by live improvisation within established technical boundaries. Freund unsurprisingly clings to his Roland TR-808, while Schmidt gets comfy behind a vintage Linn 9000/LM2 drum machine and one of those newfangled, Lite-Brite-looking Yamaha Tenori-On machines. Get “Phase In” spinning and the first thing you’ll hear is the voice of Roger Linn giving a cook’s tour of the drum machine he designed — a telling sign of things to come.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Tobias Freund

Whether as a studio hand, engineer, remixer, producer, collaborator, or source of inspiration, Tobias Freund has been deeply involved in the music business for nearly 25 years. And where other veteran musicians might have been content to rest on their laurels, Freund is hungrier than ever, pursuing the depths of aural experimentation as one half […]

Little White Earbuds June Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Ricardo Villalobos, “Electonic Water” [Perlon] (buy) Soon to be the subject of its own review, Villalobos’ “Vasco EP Part 1” is a stunning addition to his already vaunted discography. The rippling melodies of “Electonic Water” largely stay submerged, only occasionally rearing their heads to roar with blistering intensity at […]

tobias., I Can’t Fight the Feeling

[Wagon Repair] After nearly 25 years in the music business, some artists find their skills and instincts dulled, often leading to inadvisable collaborations, obtuse vanity projects and waning popularity. Lucky for us, electronic veteran Tobias Freund’s near 25 years of experience as Pink Elln and as half of NSI, Odd Machine and Sieg Ãœber Die […]

Norman Nodge/Samuli Kemppi, Berghain 02|Part II

Photo by Eric Phillips [Ostgut Ton] Each new release from Ostgut Ton builds on an already impressive list of accomplishments, of which becoming an underground multimedia empire is only one. Graduating from 12″ singles, double packs and compilations to albums (Prosumer & Murat Tepeli’s irresistible Serenity) proved the still fresh-faced label’s keen A&R eye (not […]

Efdemin, Lohn & Brot Remixes

[liebe*detail spezial] (buy vinyl) (buy .mp3s) For their latest spezial release, liebe*detail reaches back to Efdemin’s 2006 breakthrough track, “Lohn & Brot” (“Wages & Bread”) and enlists two disparate yet similarly revered producers — Tobias Freund and Sebo K — to have another look. First up is Freund (as tobias.), a electronic veteran whose career […]