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Affkt & Danny Fiddo, El Prologo Remixes Pt. 1.1

Scrolling through new releases the other day I came upon “El Prologo Remixes Pt 1.1” by Affkt and Danny Fiddo, a record which seemed notable only for its superstar remixers, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. How did two fresh-faced producers with scant discographies on a new label, Barraca Music, snag these giants (and Radio Slave on the digital version) for remix duty? Listening to the originals makes it obvious: The meticulously groomed percussion, sputtering drum breaks, Latin diatribes and blurred marimba progressions of “Points” and “Cartas Para Geisha” are the bread and butter of Villalobos’s and Luciano’s sets. Recently these masters have taken good care of their emulators (see: Sei Es Drum and Cadenza’s last 10 records), so a couple remixes for their new followers is very in character. Yet as this EP makes clear, reworking tracks made in your own image has its pitfalls.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Singles That Suggest Minimal Isn’t Dead

For our fifth report, LWE correspondent Colin Shields offers his top 5 singles (from the first half of 2008) that suggest minimal isn’t dead, actually. It’s a familiar story: Life seemed so good in 2006. Minimal, a genre that had simmered along in dance since its conception, had hit the mainstream in a big way. […]

Little White Earbuds June Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Ricardo Villalobos, “Electonic Water” [Perlon] (buy) Soon to be the subject of its own review, Villalobos’ “Vasco EP Part 1” is a stunning addition to his already vaunted discography. The rippling melodies of “Electonic Water” largely stay submerged, only occasionally rearing their heads to roar with blistering intensity at […]