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Vince Watson, It’s Not Over

With soundtracks and more traditionally musical projects occupying more of Vince Watson’s time, It’s Not Over finds him stripping back his club-focused productions to their essences.

Vince Watson, Interference EP

Vince Watson’s Interference EP for Tresor bears some of the hallmarks that’s had him grouped with Detroit techno but reminds listeners of his multifarious influences.

Vince Watson, A Very Different World

A couple months ago Vince Watson posed a question to the Facebook massive wondering if he pressed his upcoming album on vinyl how many would actually fork out the cash to purchase direct from him. The hook being that you would not only be buying a copy of it on vinyl but it would be a personalized version made more special and could include yet to be determined “extras.” This seems to be a growing trend with label owners who realize that in the battle against digital you’ve got to deliver a more satisfying experience to set yourself apart.