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Oskar Offermann, Distance is Depth

For Distance is Depth, Oskar Offermann delves into the world of vocal samples to an extent not usually heard in his music.

DJ Debriefing with Edward

In anticipation of his gig at Smart Bar this Saturday alongside Oskar Offermann, we spoke with Edward about the records which make his sets special for himself and his audiences.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Oskar Offermann, The Pleasure of Being Five Again

This week’s exclusive download is a morsel that feel from the cutting table when assembling Oskar Offermann’s debut album.

Oskar Offermann, Do Pilots Still Dream of Flying?

With his debut LP, Oskar Offermann treads deeper into traditional songwriting arrangements, which allows his talent for memorable melodies to shine.

Julius Steinhoff/Oskar Offermann, Faces #6

While Julius Steinhoff and Oskar Offermann sharing a 12″ might not surprise, the latter’s B-side cut is sure to astonish some as it takes clubs by storm.

LWE Podcast 98: Oskar Offermann

LWE chatted with Oskar Offermann and found that he’s on the move again, discussing his plans for his labels and his own personal sound. He’s also provided us with our 98th exclusive podcast, an hour of deeply groove-focused house music with some unexpected treats along the way.

Tristen/Edward, Along These Strings/Calm

More than any other label I know, the Berlin-based White is the antithesis of the white label culture that’s bubbled up over the last few years. Where white label producers obscure their identity, ostensibly to keep the focus on the music, White brings audiences literally face to face with its artists, care of record sleeves adorned with their pictures. Considering their manifesto of “foster[ing] an environment for young artists to play and work, create and destroy,” I suspect their aesthetic is not the result of runaway egos but rather an attempt to reconnect in an era rife with music lacking personality and labels that do little to stand out. The label’s eighth release features the mug of Tristan, a long time member of the White crew who makes his vinyl debut, and Edward, the imprint’s most prolific producer.