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Little White Earbuds February Charts 2014

01. Doubt, “Captain Hours” [Mistress Recordings]
02. Shan, “Chord Memories” [Running Back]
03. Todd Osborn, “5thep” [Blueberry Records]
04. Matthew Styles, “Gesospik Console” [Nofitstate]
05. Janis, “Illusion of Choice” [Mirau]
06. Martyn, “Vancouver” (Head High Remix) [3024]
07. Rivet, “Bear Bile Pt. 3” [Kontra-Musik]
08. Leisure Muffin, “In Wearable Hertz” [The Bunker New York]
09. Seixlack, “Tele-Sexo” 40% Foda/Maneirissimo]
10. Oskar Offermann, “4th Dimension” [White]

Oskar Offermann, Distance is Depth

For Distance is Depth, Oskar Offermann delves into the world of vocal samples to an extent not usually heard in his music.

DJ Debriefing with Edward

In anticipation of his gig at Smart Bar this Saturday alongside Oskar Offermann, we spoke with Edward about the records which make his sets special for himself and his audiences.

Win Tickets to Oskar Offermann & Edward at Smart Bar

LWE and Smart Bar are thrilled to welcome Oskar Offermann & Edward to Chicago this Saturday, October 5th. The two Berliners will be pumpin’ the jams alongside Chicago’s own Olin, and we want to give a few of you a chance to see the show gratis. For your chance to win one of two pairs […]

Oskar Offermann & Edward, Verses

Like their previous collaboration, Oskar Offermann & Edward’s Verses peddles a carefully-measured mixture of rigid sounds with soft, gorgeous ones.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Oskar Offermann, The Pleasure of Being Five Again

This week’s exclusive download is a morsel that feel from the cutting table when assembling Oskar Offermann’s debut album.

Oskar Offermann, Do Pilots Still Dream of Flying?

With his debut LP, Oskar Offermann treads deeper into traditional songwriting arrangements, which allows his talent for memorable melodies to shine.

LWE Podcast 98: Oskar Offermann is archived this week

LWE’s 98th podcast, by Oskar Offermann, was an hour of deeply groove-focused house music with some unexpected treats along the way. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, August 31st.

Talking Shopcast with Aim

LWE simply had to learn more by chatting with Tristen (with input from Aim’s graphic designer, Jan Kristof Lipp), who explained the label’s conceptual framework, its visual approach, and where the new X series fits into the imprint’s aesthetic remit. Tristen also contributed Talking Shopcast 16, a deeply hypnotic hour of house which goes a long way in explaining how his taste extrapolates into Aim’s particular sound.

Julius Steinhoff/Oskar Offermann, Faces #6

While Julius Steinhoff and Oskar Offermann sharing a 12″ might not surprise, the latter’s B-side cut is sure to astonish some as it takes clubs by storm.

LWE Podcast 98: Oskar Offermann

LWE chatted with Oskar Offermann and found that he’s on the move again, discussing his plans for his labels and his own personal sound. He’s also provided us with our 98th exclusive podcast, an hour of deeply groove-focused house music with some unexpected treats along the way.

Various Artists, Sun Avenue

Sun Avenue compiles tracks by prior contributors and new faces alike, and solidly furthers Aim’s aesthetic.

LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2010 (25-21)

Oskar Offermann, Apple Crumble Beneath My Feet

Dance music is nothing if not purpose-driven. And when one of your primary concerns is filling up a floor and making those on it go apeshit, it’s tough to resist what’s tried and true. But how does a producer not reinvent the wheel without engaging in outright hackery? In the weeks since I received Oskar Offermann’s latest White 12″, “Apple Crumble Beneath My Feet,” I’ve been scratching my head over whether the producer and labelhead is painting by numbers or insidiously distinguishing himself from the hordes of producers making records nearly identical to this one. WHITE008 brings you three tracks of bog-standard, disco-flecked Rhodes riffs — your laptop wearing a Moodymann wig, basically. But I can’t help but feel like Offermann has a compositional sense that pushes him beyond his music’s ever-obvious sound palate. It’s quite possible you already own this record in about twenty or thirty near-identical forms. Is it worth buying again?