Little White Earbuds August Charts 2010

01. Axel Boman, “Purple Drank”
[Pampa Records] (buy)

“I woke up with your name on my lips,” intones the lightly pitched down narrator of “Purple Drank,” and with any luck this statement might be true for Axel Boman. Until now the young Swedish producer has largely been confined to Ourvision Recordings but DJ Koze wisely scooped him up for an EP on his recently launched Pampa Records. The entire Holy Love EP is worth owning, but “Purple Drank” is the tune I’ve returned to the most. Combining an instantly memorable phrase and an infectious organ line that rises and falls, it barely needs the pointed bass line and clanking, milk bottle percussion to insure residence in dancers’ memories. Another excellent signing by Koze and a potential catalyst for a stellar musical career for Boman.

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02. L.B. Dub Corp, “It’s What You Feel”
[Ostgut Ton] (buy)

It was only a matter of time before the unrealistically high expectations pinned on Ostgut Ton led to a minor backlash against the critical darling imprint. For me, this moaning about mediocrity doesn’t quite square with reality, and their single from Luke Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp offers evidence in the contrary. The brightest point of Slater reviving the sparingly used pseudonym is the B-side, “It’s What You Feel,” a track which brings his intensity to relatively lo-fi house aesthetics. Sweeping synth chords and pebble-size percussion set the stage for a slightly sinister piano progression that, combined with Slater’s gravelly utterances, feels not unlike a 2010 update of Carl Craig’s Tres Demented project. More useful for turning up the heat on a simmering dance floor than bringing down the house, “It’s What You Feel” is a valuable track which, to some extent at least, puts Ostgut Ton haters in their place.

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03. Walt J, “Reborn 2” [Petite] (buy)
One of the highlights of the last couple years in dance music has been the crush of reissues which have allowed the current crop of admirers to go beyond listening to obscurities on YouTube and actually own them. Curle’s Petite sub-label exists for just this purpose, following last year’s essential reissue of Thomas Brinkmann’s “Isch” with one of Walt J’s “Reborn,” first issued on the Detroit label Dow Records. While many will rightly focus on DJ’s Qu’s update of “Reborn 1,” the second B-side cut, “Reborn 2,” seems the most relevant for and compelling in 2010. Sprinting along in the mid-130s to the beat of kick drum triplets and tight hand drum rolls, the track has as much in common with contemporary bass music as late 90’s house. Yet its wafting chords trail behind like steam from a locomotive, evoking the past in the same breath. DJs learning to straddle the line between 4×4 and stepping dance music should grab this limited edition record and make it their latest touchstone.

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04. Oskar Offermann & Moomin, “Hardmood”
[Aim] (buy)

One of the pitfalls of our fast paced dance music culture and the technology that enables it is how easily we end up dismissing subtler music. Those first few airings are often not enough time to live with subtle music to absorb its charms. Although I sensed potential in the debut single from Tristen’s Aim label I quite nearly ignored it in favor of keeping up with a growing stack of releases. Now I’m glad I put the time into soaking up Oskar Offermann & Moomin’s “Hardmood,” which takes great relish in placing its lustrous melodies under thick aural glass and never gives too much away. Careful listening reveals a mosaic of soul samples whose beauty recalls the grain in a hardwood floor. I’m a bit curious whether these microscopic details come across in a club setting versus the pleasures of home listening, but after spending so much time taking in its riches I’m more than ready to give it, and the talented producers behind it, the benefit of the doubt.

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05. Luv You Madly Orchestra, “Moon Maiden” (12″ Mix) [Strut] (buy)
It’s so easy to take for granted the genre conventions of dance music that producers and DJs had to build with their own hands. Without pioneers like Greg Wilson and Walter Gibbons we would lack the long, extended versions that allow dancers and DJs to get into the groove rather than jump from track to track at a frenetic pace. The latter pioneer most recently received a two disc retrospective of his edits and productions which served as these crucial building blocks. As much as I admire the disco tunes of the first disc it’s disc two, which chronicles his later and more experimental work, that keeps me engrossed. His 12″ mix of Luv You Madly Orchestra’s “Moon Maiden” manages to be loose to the point of near disorientation, held together with a spider’s web of whirlwind string runs and goopy pumps of bass guitar. With compilations like Jungle Music streaming from the vaults of Strut and others, more and more admirers will eventually know where their endless grooves originated and dance in communion with the potent past.

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06. Nebraska, “Green Marimba”
[Smooth Agent Records] (buy)

07. Gold Panda, “You” (Osborne Remix)
[Ghostly International] (buy)

08. Shed, “44A (Hard Wax Forever!)”
[Ostgut Ton] (buy)

09. Kidkut, “Lilt” [Apple Pips] (buy)
10. The Lady Blacktronika, “Another Man (You’re On the DL II)” [Untitled & After] (buy)

Staff Charts:

Per Bojsen-Moller
01. Jazzmoon, “Fancifulness” [Playtracks]
02. Mr. Raoul K., “The African Government (Piano Influence Mix)”
[Mule Musiq]
03. Dee Edwards, “Why Can’t There Be Love” (Pilooski Edit) [Originals]
04. Sascha Funke vs. Nina Kraviz, “Moses” [BPitch Control]
05. Four Tet, “Nothing To See” [Soul Jazz Records]
06. Milton Jackson, “Beat Talk” [Dark Energy]
07. Anton Zap, “Fascinated” [Story]
08. Id1ots, “In The Gold Room” (DJ Koze Instrumental Mix) [LoEB]
09. Mano Le Tough, “Baby, Let’s Love” [Dirt Crew Recordings]
10. Benjamin Brunn, “My Heart (Ada Remix)”
[International Records Recordings]

Chris Burkhalter
01. Kassem Mosse, “Hi Res” [Nonplus+]
02. Hyetal, “Phoenix” [Orca Recordings]
03. Mark E, “Nobody Else” [Running Back]
04. Automatic Tasty, “I Can See Your House From Here” [Lunar Disko]
05. Cosmin TRG, “See Other People” (FaltyDL Remix) [Rush Hour]
06. Kenton Slash Demon, “Sun” (Portable Remix) [Tartelet Records]
07. Gunnar Jonsson, “Massagerutin 1” [Kontra-Musik]
08. The Godson, “Analog Love” [Rush Hour]
09. San Soda, “Middelmatig in 1993” [We Play House]
10. Arto Mwambe, “Duster FC (12″ Studio Mix)” [Live At Robert Johnson]

Peder Clark
01. Jitterbug, “Dune Buggy” [Uzuri]
02. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
03. Walt J, “Reborn” (DJ Qu’s Journey Towards Birth Remix) [Curle Petite]
04. Head High, “It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion)” [Power House]
05. Thomas Fehlmann, “Softpark” (Move D Remix) [Kompakt]
06. DJ Mode, “This Music Part 2” [Stilove4music]
07. Smallpeople, “The People” [Underground Quality]
08. Moody, “It’s 2 Late 4 U And Me” [KDJ]
09. Axel Boman, “Purple Drank” [Pampa]
10. Chemise, “She Can’t Love You” [Emergency]

Luke Hawkins
01. Shed, “No Way!” [Ostgut Ton]
02. Roof Light, “Face Up (To Your Sensibilities)” [Highpoint Lowlife]
03. Hieroglyphic Being, “Bathroom Sessions: Gargle” [Morphine]
04. Soul Designer, “Soul Is Back” (Luke Slater Remix) [Third Ear UK]
05. Conforce, “Insecure” [Delsin]
06. Jason Fine, “Colors” [Kontra Musik]
07. Ohrwert, “Proprioception” [Field]
08. Jared Wilson, “Jupiter One” [Lux US]
09. Traversable Wormhole, “Superluminal” (Sleeparchive Remix) [CLR]
10. Skudge, “Overture” [Skudge]

Anton Kipfel
01. K-S.H.E., “Double Secret” (Dub) [Skylax Records]
02. Shed, “Mayday” [Ostgut Ton]
03. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
04. Ron Deacon, “Tune In” (Ingo Saenger & Henry L Remix) [Falkplatz]
05. Chaton, “+91 Ahead” (Quarion BKLYN Version) [Plak Records]
06. Urban Tribe, “Program 5” [Mahogani Music]
07. Ramadanman, “Work Them” [Swamp81]
08. James Teej, “Seven Day Mend” [REKIDS]
09. Anton Zap, “Pain (Love and Distance Mix)” [Underground Quality]
10. Langenberg, “Past Present” [Dessous Recordings]

Kuri Kondrak
01. Gegenheimer, “21:4 (The IPS Prayer)” [Ratio? Music]
02. Unknown Artist, “Hinterland” [Numbercult]
03. The Godson, “Analog Love” [Rush Hour]
04. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
05. Kenny Dixon Jr., “Emotional Content” (TP’s Emotionally Deep Remix)
[Not On Label]
06. The Mole People, “Break Night” [Decks Classix]
07. Move D, “Lush Summer Rain” [Shanti]
08. TR – One, “Shit Ain’t Worth It” [POGO]
09. Urban Tribe, “Insolitology” [Planet E]
10. Soft House Company, “What You Need…” [Irma CasaDiPrimordine]

Chris Miller
01. Shed, “Keep Time” [Ostgut Ton]
02. Ramadanman, “Grab Somebody” [white]
03. FaltyDL, “Endeavour” [Planet Mu]
04. Fred P, “It Is What It Is” [Strength Music]
05. Foxy Brown, “Love Is Where You Find It” [Dug Out]
06. Cosmin TRG, “Tower Block” [Hemlock]
07. Peverelist, “Better Ways Of Living” [Punch Drunk]
08. Demdike Stare, “Eurydice” [Modern Love]
09. Horizontal Ground, “HG05 A1” [Horizontal Ground]
10. Hauntologists, “EP3 A1” [Hauntologists]

Braden Pemberton
01. Wasserfall, “Steam” [Greta Cottage Workshop]
02. Donato Dozzy & DJ Say, “Your Eyes” [Attic Music]
03. Shed, “44A (Hard Wax Forever!)” [Ostgut Ton]
04. Giorgio Gigli, Obtane, nAX_Acid, “The Moon That Was Watching The Child” [ZAltd]
05. Perc, “Mandrake” (Metalogic Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
06. Paul Loraine, “It Matters To Me” [FourTwenty Recordings]
07. Xhin, “Mutate” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
08. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
09. Skream, “Reflections (feat. dBridge & Instra:mental)” [Tempa]
10. SP-X, “SP17” [Komisch]

Jordan Rothlein
01. Matthew Dear, “Little People (Black City)” [Ghostly International]
02. Walt J, “Reborn” (DJ Qu’s Journey Towards Birth Remix) [Curle Petite]
03. Shed, “No Way!” [Ostgut Ton]
04. Anton Zap, “Pain (Love and Distance Mix)” [Underground Quality]
05. Cooly G, “Phat Si” [Hyperdub]
06. Sepalcure, “Feeling That I Know So Well” [LWE Exclusive]
07. Stingray313, “Sphere Of Influence” [[NakedLunch]]
08. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
09. Luv You Madly Orchestra, “Moon Maiden” (12″ Mix) [Strut]
10. Future Beat Alliance, “Cross Dissolve” [Tresor]

Andrew Ryce
01. Peverelist & Hyetal, “The Hum” [Punch Drunk]
02. Shed, “Leave Things” [Ostgut Ton]
03. Darkstar, “North” [Hyperdub]
04. Downliners Sekt, “Selfish G” [Disboot]
05. Traversable Wormhole, “Superluminal” (Sleeparchive Remix) [CLR]
06. Magnetic Man, “Perfect Stranger” [Sony]
07. Marcel Fengler, “Enigma” [Ostgut Ton]
08. Commix, “Japanese Electronics” (Instra:mental Remix) [Metalheadz]
09. Conforce, “Shade” [Delsin]
10. Discreet Unit, “Shake Your Body Down” [Prime Numbers]

criticalbill  on September 5, 2010 at 7:25 AM

Love those graphs from The Economist!

tom/pipecock  on September 5, 2010 at 12:01 PM

yeah that Kassem Mosse on Laid is still doing it for me, too. that shit should be #1 still!


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