Little White Earbuds September Charts 2012

01. Locussolus, “Telephone” (Mediterranean Mix) [International Feel Recordings] (buy)
The aura surrounding DJ Harvey is one of being ready and able to do whatever it takes to rock a party to his satisfaction. His dynamic DJ sets feel like controlled chaos: rifling through genres, unleashing undeniable classics, stripping things back to percussion only, and making liberal use of EQs and even volume to whip the audience into a frenzy. While his releases as Locussolus haven’t always been as pulse pounding, they often take the same amount of stylistic chances. Although it’s a few months old, I’ve been playing “Telephone” (Mediterranean Mix) throughout the months since its release. The shimmering synth disco melodies and slight snarl of the vocal choruses give a sense of punkish fun before the tune embraces its inner rock child and unleashes a genuinely ripping guitar solo. It’s a track that puts Lindstrom to shame for not writing it first. It’s a sound that wears Harvey’s years of experience lightly and thoughtfully, one whose historical provenance will be hard to prove without a copy of the record (or Discogs). Sure to be remembered on my year end chart.

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02. Sevensol & Bender, “Captain Trollig”
[Kann Records] (buy)

There are some parts of musical history that will likely always be sampled. The “Amen” break, James Brown’s exertion, Parliament/Funkadelic’s vault of grooves, all the kind of musical bedrock that makes sense to return to so regularly. I’d aver “Sunshower” by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band belongs on that list; because even with the sloppy sampling jobs it often enriches the content around parts of it. To my knowledge Sevensol & Bender’s “Captain Trollig” is the latest to take on parts of this seminal song. But first they built a fantastic track. Where its opening gambit is slow and steady, hand drums and claps, the track comes alive two minutes in. Golden waves of melody flow over the low slung groove like a sunrise finally making it over the horizon, a still warm blanket around a judiciously pared sample of children’s voices from the opening of “Sunshower.” When the bass line presses against you the whole thing feels like a hug, a vote of confidence. The tune’s title could suggest Sevensol & Bender felt they were trolling by nestling such an obvious sample. Whatever their intentions, they came away with a blissful way to warm up a room.

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03. Bee Mask, “Vaporware” [Room40] (buy) After hearing “Vaporware,” the first of two tracks on Bee Mask’s new single for Room40, I wondered how long I’d been missing out on this Philadelphia-based producer’s music. If Discogs is to be believed, Chris Madak began releasing as Bee Mask in 2006; but given the limited, cassette-only nature of the bulk of his output, it’s not surprising a talent like his flew under the radar. “Vaporware” seems likely to change that. It’s a grand statement that sprawls across 13-and-a-half minutes without feeling a second too long, a kosmische love letter to elaborate melodies, cinematic arcs, lovingly arranged samples, and deeply affecting loops. Slip a valium to the Emeralds guys and they might come out with something similar. It’s for that very reason that Bee Mask is so impressive: a piece like this would seem an epic undertaking for a single person, one that could easily feel overtly labored over. Yet “Vaporware” is as easy as a fog rolling over hills — naturally beautiful as it washes over listeners. A very exciting record for Bee Mask and the audiences he could reach with it.

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04. Jon Convex, “What I Need (Feat. Velvit)”
[Convex Industries] (buy)

What I really get from Idoru, Damon Kirkham’s debut album as Jon Convex, is an intense desire to make dark but relatable house and techno. While I found parts of the album a bit dry, its highlights were dynamic enough for DJs with and even casual listeners with a barrage of memorable elements. Former Instra:mental production partner Velvit (aka dBridge) delivers vocals that invoke a desire that’s both naughty and a bit desperate. Spread between the pounding toms, a stalking synth line, and ravey organ chords, it has all the hedonism of clubbing encapsulated in one short, sweaty package. Opener “Fade” maybe has more crossover charm in the way it works slinky Depeche Mode dance moves through Martyn-esque production. But when it comes to the cut DJs will want to reach for to amp up an already flushed dance floor, my gut tells me they’ll reach for “What I Need.”

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05. John Beltran, “Sweet Soul” [Delsin] (buy)
Although I try to keep the top five slots of these charts current, sometimes it’s worth mentioning the older music that works its way into my playlists over and over again. Case in point John Beltran’s “Sweet Soul,” most recently a part of Delsin’s perfectly assembled Best Of compilation but first released in 2006 (in case cliches suggested his best stuff was his earliest, think again). It’s a master class in fitting together elaborate patterns to create a lush listening experience. Beltran sends light percussion plinking over the leapfrogging synth melodies, channeling an innocent spirit of play that’s comforting and nostalgic. It’s the kind of tune I find myself returning to repeatedly in times of stress, letting its humble undulations work their way through my head while concentrating on something else. Yet it’s just as compelling to concentrate on, which places it among the best of ambient techno. Beltran admitted in an RA interview that he composed music for Oprah’s show, which could be seen as a credibility sapping task until you realize how top notch that makes him: he’s the guy who chills out Oprah and still turns out exceptional art on his own.

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06. Jacob Korn & San Soda, “Punta Del Este” [Uncanny Valley] (buy)
07. Mitchbal & Larry Williams, “Do Dat Stuff”
[Still Music] (buy)

08. Cheap And Deep Productions, “Words, Breaths & Pauses” (Jonsson/Alter Remix)
[Modular Cowboy] (buy)

09. Ricardo Villalobos, “Samma” [Perlon] (buy)
10. Joe, “MB” [Hemlock Recordings] (buy)

Per Bojsen-Moller
01. Kollektiv Turmstrasse, “Addio Addio” (Roman Flügel Remix)
[Connaisseur Recordings]
02. Terrence Dixon, “Dark City Of Hope” (Main Mix) [Tresor]
03. Bicep, “Vision Of Love” [Feel My Bicep]
04. Tony Ollivierra, “Prophetic Light” [Sistrum Recordings]
05. Mike Huckaby, “Baseline 89” [S Y N T H]
06. Big Strick Feat. Omar-S, “Family Affair” [7 Days Ent.]
07. Nyra, “Configure 8” (Tobias. Remix) [Secretsundaze]
08. Anaxander, “Angels For Stephanie” [Love What You Feel]
09. Mitchbal & Larry Williams, “Jack The House” [Still Music]
10. Unknown artist, “Untitled A1” [Welcome Back To The Underground]

Gwyn Thomas de Chroustchoff
01. Jay L, “Looking Up Pt. 1” [BRSTL]
02. Mr G, “G’s Riddem” [Rekids]
03. Billions & Billions, “Tractor Beam” [New Jersey]
04. Ghosts On Tape, “Nature’s Law” (Jus-Ed Remix) [Icee Hot]
05. Borai, “Moonlight On The Malago” [white]
06. Bass Clef, “Dawn Chorus Pedal” [Idle Hands]
07. Mory Kanté, “Tedekou” (Moroka Remix) [white]
08. Altered Natives, “BHUUUMBAHCLEEEEET” [Eye4Eye Recordings]
09. Jacob Korn & San Soda, “Punta Del Esta” [Uncanny Valley]
10. Che & The Organ Grinder, “Ampulate” [Lost In Translation]

Steve Kerr
01. Ricardo Donoso, “Chemical Structures” [Digitalis Recordings]
02. Silent Servant, “Invocation Of Lust” [Hospital Productions]
03. Juju & Jordash, “Track David Would Play” [Dekmantel]
04. Bee Mask, “Scanops” [Room40]
05. Orgue Electronique, “Our House (Feat. Robert Owens)” (Willie Burns 1st Remix) [Crème Organization]
06. Population One, “Two Sides To Every Story” [Delsin]
07. Leonid Nevermind, “Chopped Icebreaker” [Stolen Kisses]
08. Unbroken Dub, “Det Special” [Delsin]
09. El-G, “Four Acts Amazon” [Alter/Hundebiss]
10. VC-118A, “Deploy” [Lunar Disko]

Kuri Kondrak
01. JT Steward, “Ophelia” [Echovolt Records]
02. Frak, “Untitled B2” (DJ Sotofett Remix) [Sex Tags Mania]
03. MZKBX, “Forget About What” [Skylax]
04. Juju & Jordash, “Way Of The Road” [Dekmantel]
05. Willie Burns, “The Overlord” [The Trilogy Tapes]
06. Disco D, “Beat It” [Alleviated Records]
07. Delroy Edwards, “Bells” [Long Island Electrical Systems]
08. Ike Release, “Phazzled” [M>O>S Recordings]
09. Andrés, “Skate This Way” [La Vida]
10. Fred P., “Emotive Vibration” [Finale Sessions]

Chris Miller
01. Ricardo Villalobos, “Defixia” [Perlon]
02. Peter van Hoesen, “Rapture’s Coming” [Time To Express]
03. Juju & Jordash, “Loosey Goosey” [Dekmantel]
04. Andy Stott, “Luxury Problems” [Modern Love]
05. STL, “Inverted Reality” [Smallville Records]
06. Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa, “Atlantic Ave” [The Corner]
07. Orgue Electronique, “Our House” (KiNK & Neville Watson Remix) [Crème Organization]
08. Ital, “Deep Cut” (Live Edit) [Planet Mu]
09. Two Dogs In A House, “Eliminator II” [L.I.E.S.]
10. Mathew Jonson, “Panna Cotta” [Itiswhatitis]

Michael C. Walsh
01. Move D, “Say I” [Electric Minds]
02. Duke Dumont, “No Money Blues (Feat. Extracurricular)” [ Turbo]
03. Shelter Point, “Braille” [Hotflush Recordings]
04. Andy Stott, “Sleepless” [Modern Love]
05. Maxxi Soundsystem, “Regrets We Have No Use For (Feat. Name One)” [Hypercolour]
06. Illum Sphere, “h808er” [Young Turks]
07. Stay+, “Crashed” [Black Butter]
08. Tom Demac, “Critical Distance Pt. 2” [Hypercolour]
09. Oskar Offermann “Fluffer” (Russ Yallop Edit) [Foot and Mouth]
10. Zodiac, “So Soon We Change” [Vase]

ryan  on October 5, 2012 at 3:45 PM

good lord, vaporware is amazing

random internet person  on October 6, 2012 at 5:36 AM

Stop teasing us with that unreleased Andy Stott please 😉

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