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Little White Earbuds September Charts 2012

01. Locussolus, “Telephone” (Mediterranean Mix)
[International Feel Recordings]
02. Sevensol & Bender, “Captain Trollig” [Kann Records]
03. Bee Mask, “Vaporware” [Room40]
04. Jon Convex, “What I Need (Feat. Velvit)” [Convex Industries]
05. John Beltran, “Sweet Soul” [Delsin]
06. Jacob Korn & San Soda, “Punta Del Este” [Uncanny Valley]
07. Mitchbal & Larry Williams, “Do Dat Stuff”
[Still Music]
08. Cheap And Deep Productions, “Words, Breaths & Pauses” (Jonsson/Alter Remix)
[Modular Cowboy]
09. Ricardo Villalobos, “Samma” [Perlon]
10. Joe, “MB” [Hemlock Recordings]

Ricardo Villalobos, Dependent And Happy

Across 10 sprawling sides of vinyl, Ricardo Villalobos leaves several years of missed opportunities in the rearview and reaffirms his role as one of dance music’s most peculiar and vital voices.

tobias., Remixes

Ostgut Ton launches its Underton sub-label, an outlet for remixes, with Efdemin and the duo of Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s takes on Tobias Freund’s debut LP.

Melchior Productions Ltd., Apariciones Reworked

Apariciones Reworked aims to inject some magic back into the original tracks with remixes by Melchior’s long time friends, Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos.

Vladislav Delay, Latoma EP

The Latoma EP constitutes a pretty sharp left turn for both Echochord and Vladislav Delay, and a pretty stellar one at that.

Various Artists, Superlongevityfive

While at first blush Superlongevityfive seems to maintain Perlon’s status quo, further inspection reveals there are almost as many sides to the compilation as there are tracks.

Various Artists, Peculiar/3 Züge

Peculiar/3 Züge, the latest offering from Villalobos’s Sei Es Drum, is likely to be the label’s most popular release to date even as it divides opinions.

Ric Y Martin, Camino Ensenada/Teiwass

Originally released on the Episode label as “Cerro San Cristobel” and “Teiwass” in 2000, these two slices of Chilean, minimal funk breathe life once more.

NDF, Since We Last Met

Confounding DFA watchers, NDF (the pairing of Bruno Pronsato and Sergio Giorgini) create something beautiful and slightly abstract on Since We Last Met. Ricardo Villalobos contributes two remixes.

LWE’s Guide to Movement Detroit 2010

With so much to choose from, LWE has decided to reprise last year’s popular festival guide. Because the daily schedule has not yet been released we’re breaking things down by stage, so at least you’ll know where to be to see these incredible artists at work.

RV featuring Los Updates/Reboot, Baile/Caminando

Ricardo Villalobos’s best productions, the records of his I will play for my children to help explain why daddy can’t remember large swaths of his early twenties, might be behind him. But whenever I’ll tune into a bootleg or Youtube video from a Ricardo festival set (W has left the White House, sir; now will you please book some US gigs?), I can’t help but imagine him seconding Lil Wayne’s rueful boast on the burden of singularity: “We are not the same/ I am a Martian.” Everyone’s favorite floppy-haired, German-Chilean pure sound advocate has traversed stoned aural landscapes where few ears have dared venture before, and it’s only through the labyrinthine logic of his magnum DJ sets that three-quarters of his record bag makes any sense. I thus greet each new platter from Sei Es Drum, Villalobos’s quasi-white label platform on which he tosses the public some of his sets’ most typically-Ricardo material, with the excitement of owning a souvenir from this man’s space voyage and the trepidation of knowing it will bring me no closer to ultimate hallucinogenic-bongo knowledge.

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald, ReComposed – New Mixes By Ricardo Villalobos & Carl Craig

[Deutsche Grammophon] The third volume of Deutsche Grammophon’s “ReComposed” series was a match made in heaven: longtime friends and past collaborators Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald teaming up to “recompose” classical pieces by Modest Mussorgsky and Maurice Ravel in their own inimitable styles. The resulting LP was one of 2008’s finest, and just before […]

Väth vs. Rother/Ricardo Villalobos, Cocoon Morphs Tokyo

[Cocoon Recordings] As a tie-in to a series of April club dates in Japan, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings released a special Japan-only compilation CD in celebration of the event. Now available worldwide due to popular demand, six of the seven CD tracks are also being released on vinyl as a special three-part single to celebrate […]

Ricardo Villalobos, Vasco EP Part 1

[Perlon] Far be it from me to challenge the stated aspirations of Ricardo Villalobos, but I find myself increasingly skeptical of his search “for the perfect club track” with each of his new releases. Which isn’t to say his tracks don’t stir dancers to hollering peaks; one needs only to witness the sweaty carnage his […]

Stream a Ricardo Villalobos mix

It’s been a unusual and busy week here at LWE headquarters, what with random tickets to baseball games and trying to select talented writers to join our ranks. But while reviews are largely on holiday for the week, we’re still committed to providing you thee good stuff. Case in point, this mix by Mr. Villalobos, […]

Luciano, Etudes Electroniques

[Cadenza] In spite of being an influential and accomplished producer in his own right, Lucien Nicolet aka Luciano is too often mentioned in the same breath as his countryman, Ricardo Villalobos. While their respective work shares a distinct and heavily documented organic warmth, their paths diverge there, with Luciano experimenting with both abstract forms, jiggling […]

LWE’s Top 50 Tracks of 2007

01. Matthew Dear, “Don & Sherri” [Ghostly International] (buy) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Picking my favorite track from Asa Breed was no small task, but “Don & Sherri” emerged as the winner because it combines all of Matthew Dear’s varied facets in one brief tune. He unabashedly revels in the weird (both […]

LWE’s Top 20 Albums of 2007

01. Matthew Dear, Asa Breed [Ghostly International] (buy) Each release from Matthew Dear reveals something new about this multi-faceted producer, and Asa Breed, his second full-length album as MD, was hugely revelatory. The depth, heft and pop sensibilities of Dear’s songwriting are on full display, and for it, Asa Breed stands tall over all its […]