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Joe, Slope / Maximum Body Muscle

A record from Joe is a seldom seen treat, and with Slope / Maximum Body Muscle for Hessle Audio the shadowy producer delivers some of his most extroverted work yet.

Little White Earbuds September Charts 2012

01. Locussolus, “Telephone” (Mediterranean Mix)
[International Feel Recordings]
02. Sevensol & Bender, “Captain Trollig” [Kann Records]
03. Bee Mask, “Vaporware” [Room40]
04. Jon Convex, “What I Need (Feat. Velvit)” [Convex Industries]
05. John Beltran, “Sweet Soul” [Delsin]
06. Jacob Korn & San Soda, “Punta Del Este” [Uncanny Valley]
07. Mitchbal & Larry Williams, “Do Dat Stuff”
[Still Music]
08. Cheap And Deep Productions, “Words, Breaths & Pauses” (Jonsson/Alter Remix)
[Modular Cowboy]
09. Ricardo Villalobos, “Samma” [Perlon]
10. Joe, “MB” [Hemlock Recordings]

Joe, MB/Studio Power On

Two years after stunning the dance world with a track made primarily from handclaps, Joe returns with an equally arresting new single for Untold’s Hemlock Recordings.

Scuba, Triangulation (Interpretations)

To further explore all the avenues he pursued on Triangulation, Scuba enlisted a cadre of remixers to offer their Interpretations.

Joe, Claptrap/Level Crossing

Joe. With such a short and sweet name one might expect his music to be similarly simple, but these presumptions are turned upside down by his tunes.