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Ramon Lisandro Quezada, better known in house music circles as DJ Qu, undoubtedly makes tracks with dancers in mind. But the dude seems to have imagined a very different ultimate dance party than many of his peers. His original mix of “Party People Clap” from late last year’s very massive Deconstruct doublepack of the same name, found Qu reaching his career height in a murky, minor-key, damn near dirge-like milieu — hardly some sort of euphoric, big-room coming out party. For The Beneath, his latest 12″ on his own Strength Music label, once again pitches that signature Qu sound — dark melodies always in the service of off-kilter yet hard-hitting percussion — for the bleakest, sweatiest, most subaltern dance floors imaginable. Should you, fair record buyer, take the plunge yet again?

I’d say so. With “Party People Clap,” Qu allowed four of his New York peers — Levon Vincent, Anthony Parasole collaborating with Fred P, and Jus Ed — to flesh out the possibilities of his current bleak-house fascination. On For The Beneath, the exploration is all his. A-side “Secret Place” sounds like “Party People Clap”‘s lost B-side. Featuring similar spoken word and melodically ambiguous chords, “Secret Place”only lacks its more anthemic cousin’s catchiness. But the track is well-crafted enough, and rhythmically singular enough, to skirt any accusations of being no more than a retread. (The track also reps one of the year’s possible micro-trends: tart, tiny, resonance-heavy synth flourishes more than a touch indebted to Oni Ayhun’s “OAR003-B.”) “Circuit” sounds like Qu producing for Ostgut Ton: metallic wood blocks and acidic synths commingle with those reverberating, syncopated snares that have become his calling card. While still properly dark, it’s a bit of a departure. Still, I give “Secret Place” the edge here, if only for the producer’s continued honing of his craft. Qu, who really might be one of the best DJs on the circuit right now, is carving out an exciting sound as sooty as it is singular. You’ll want to snag every side you can.

Cheap DJ Equipment  on May 6, 2010 at 3:56 AM

I’m looking forward to anything coming from Qu. Diggin the dark side sound!

lerato  on May 7, 2010 at 4:44 AM

fire !!!

Blaktony  on May 8, 2010 at 8:09 AM

Deep & Moody; I like.

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