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DJ October, Planet Of Minds / Singularity Jump

That he’s credited as DJ October on Planet Of Minds / Singularity Jump, TANSTAAFL’s second 12″, hints at who might get the most out of this record.

Bicep Vs, You/Don’t EP

Biceps debut on Aus Music feels more like flirtation than full-on stylistic evolution — a safe exploration of a sound that’s been pretty thoroughly mined at this point.

Leon Vynehall, Gold Language EP

For the Gold Language EP, Leon Vynehall’s follow-up for Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic, he moves onto wonderfully shaky ground and starts to pull away from the pack in the process.

Joy Orbison, Ellipsis

Finally pressed to wax and available to the masses in full, “Ellipsis” is as good as we thought it’d be, and it’s indicative of what makes Joy Orbison such a uniquely talented producer.

LWE Interviews Function

As Function emphasized repeatedly during this candid chat with LWE’s Jordan Rothlein — a conversation touching on New York and Berlin, the allure of vinyl DJing, and some tantalizing hints of what his debut solo album may hold — his story is one of continual evolution.

Lauer, Phillips

Phillips, Lauer’s first full-length, puts his impossibly melodic, love-it-or-leave-it sound to the test, making for a somewhat inscrutable front-to-back listen containing some of the best nuggets in his discography.

BBH: Dream 2 Science, Dream 2 Science

Rush Hour’s reissue of this often overlooked classic album reminds listeners not only of Dream 2 Science’s songwriting chops, but also his voracious appetite for sexual themes.

Barker, Like An Animal EP

In releasing his first solo EP outside of Ostgut Ton, Barker can ostensibly let his bass do its thing outside the techno trappings of his collaborations with Andy Baumecker.

The White Lamp, It’s You

And after making your way through The White Lamp’s “It’s You,” the latest from Futureboogie Recordings, you may need to check you’re still wearing clothes.

Wesley Matsell, Zones Within Zones

Wesley Matsell’s Studio Barnhus debut is a strikingly fresh EP that pits Axel Boman-style bounce against synth textures that scream Border Community.

Scuba, Personality

Personality highlights the narrative that’s been hiding in plain sight: Scuba has steadily been nurturing an almost otherworldly studio prowess, one that reaches its apex here.

John Talabot, Æ’IN

Æ’IN is the embodiment of the euphoric house Talabot is known for in an album as expertly sequenced as any “best new music” you’re likely to hear.

Maxmillion Dunbar, Polo (Versions)

Live At Robert Johnson makes its first American signing in the form of Maxmillion Dunbar, giving his “Polo” a victory lap backed by a Lauer remix.

BBH: Lego Feet, Lego Feet

While Autechre completists will undoubtedly appreciate a window into the pair before they’d fully formed, students of dance music will enjoy hearing the gamut of 1980s dance music tropes cracking at their foundations.

Efdemin, Chicago Remixes (2)

This latest batch of Chicago remixes — featuring Deadbeat, Fred P, Rndm, and Efdemin himself — doesn’t exactly reimagine the material as a Tavi Gevinson ensemble, at least one of the inclusions may turn some heads.

Rebolledo, Super Vato

Rebolledo’s debut LP, Super Vato, is a deeply collaborative work emphasizing a certain laid-backness we don’t find very often in club music.

Levon Vincent, Impression Of A Rainstorm

With little advance fanfare, Levon Vincent drops his second Novel Sound 12″ of 2011, the somewhat understated Impression Of A Rainstorm.

Cottam, Deep Deep Down

To say that Cottam has risen to the occasion with Deep Deep Down, his biggest 12” yet, honestly might be something of an understatement.

Lando Kal, Maneuver

With Maneuver, Lando Kal continues to come into his own, ramping up the energy from his Hotflush release while sounding dapper as ever.