Jimmy Edgar, Sex Drive

[Hotflush Recordings]

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Despite years of internationally reputable acclaim, the period between now and the end of 2012 looks set to be one of the most compelling in Hotflush history. Not only will UK talents Jack Dixon and Sigha be breaking new ground for the label, in the form of a debut Hotflush release and a debut album, respectively, but November third will see the imprint, somewhat surprisingly, host their first ever showcase in London headlined by head-honcho Scuba, who himself will be debuting his brand new live show. Busy times ahead, then, at Hotflush HQ. Before all that gets under way, however, there’s still the hangover from the summer to contend with, namely the inevitable remix package following on from Jimmy Egdar’s recent LP, Majenta. Most of us will, by now, already be familiar with “Sex Drive,” arguably Edgar’s boldest and most brilliantly sleazy of all the tracks on an album dripping in bedroom bravado. A hefty, Planet Rock-inspired break and synth combo gets the engine revving from the off, boosted, and put directly into fifth gear moments later by the arrival of the record’s defining sultry, computerized vocals and thick, snarling tech-funk bass line. As Edgar sets about tweaking and twisting the elements to both his and his passenger’s satisfaction, one gets the impression that this would be a real challenge to remix well.

First to take the wheel is forward-thinking UK tech-head Jon Convex. This, his first outing since the release of his debut solo LP earlier this summer, is a wonderfully uncomplicated and wholly functional effort. Fully acknowledging the power of the original, Convex keeps the most important of Edgar’s elements intact, simply adapting it for the dance floor. By adding a pounding four-to-the-floor kick and several captivating breakdowns, he turns it into the perfect tool for those DJs preferring to stay inside the exact, ordered comforts of the house and techno domain. John Talabot, however, flips the proverbial vehicle on its head. True to his nature, the listener is taken on a nine-minute, quasi-cinematic expedition, all deep, swirling pads, washed-up vocals, epic synths, and pulsating half-beats. If Convex’s was a high-speed acid trip through Vegas’ leering underworld, Talabot’s take is the inevitably ethereal, and always creepy, comedown-ridden ride home. Complete contrasts, but both are thoughtful interpretations.


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