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Scuba, Hardbody

Where “Talk Torque” continued Scuba’s trajectory out of Panorama Bar and into Ministry of Sound, “Hardbody” is much better, pulling things back inside from the festival grounds and into the club.

NeferTT, Blue Skies Red Soil EP

NeferTT may be an anonymous collaboration between two established producers, but far more enjoyable than sounding out who’s involved or where it belongs is sitting back and enjoying their light touch.

Jimmy Edgar, Sex Drive

The challenge of remixing “Sex Drive,” one of many deprived delights from Jimmy Edgar’s Magenta album, falls to Jon Convex and John Talabot.

Recondite, DRGN / Wist 365

DRGN/Wist 365, Recondite’s first release since the breathtaking On Acid, adapting the blueprint guiding his Plangent EPs to a darker hue.

Scuba, Personality

Personality highlights the narrative that’s been hiding in plain sight: Scuba has steadily been nurturing an almost otherworldly studio prowess, one that reaches its apex here.

DOTW: Scuba, Flash Addict

This week’s download is the technoid B-side of “The Hope,” Scuba’s first single from his forthcoming Personality album.

Locked Groove, Rooted

Hotflush starts off 2012 with the debut from Belgian producer Locked Groove, and it’s the kind of confident and assured debut many artists could only hope for.

Sepalcure, Sepalcure

On Sepalcure, the duo now feels like two distinct personalities combining forces, suddenly shifting from an underdog odd couple to a supergroup.

Paul Woolford & Psycatron, Stolen

Stolen, the first collaboration between Paul Woolford and Psycatron, carries on in the grandiose style found in their separate singles for Planet E, Bedrock, and Tresor.

Braille, A Meaning

Braille’s debut EP for Hotflush Recordings is a typically Sepalcurean mishmash of house and garage influences both U.S. and UK.

Sepalcure, Love Pressure Remixed

Love Pressure Remixed brings together FaltyDL, Lando Kal, XI, Daedelus and Jimmy Edgar to re-examine the first EP by Sepalcure.

Mount Kimbie, Carbonated

If you were hungry for new Mount Kimbie tracks, Carbonated will sate your appetite, though admittedly you’d probably like nine or ten more bites.

Incyde, Telophase

Incyde’s first official solo release arrives on Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast label, a fine fit for Alex Bishop’s slightly dub-leaning techno fusions.

Sigha, HF029

Sigha’s self-titled EP for Hotflush may leave you thirsty for something that distinguishes its tracks as James Shaw’s own and more of the label’s sound signature.

Lando Kal, Further/Time Out

One half of Lazer Sword follows his Numbers-released split EP with the compelling Further/Time Out single for Hotflush Recordings.

Sepalcure, Fleur EP

After their well regarded debut EP, Sepalcure return to Hotflush Recordings for the even more refined Fleur EP.

George FitzGerald, Don’t You

George FitzGerald’s Don’t You, complete with SCB remix, finds the young producer making big strides in his sound.

DOTW: Sepalcure, Feeling That I Know So Well

This week’s download, “Feeling I Know So Well,” comes from recent Hotflush discovery Sepalcure.

Scuba, Triangulation

Paul Rose has undoubtedly proved himself to be one of the great dance music triple threats of the moment. He’s flexed his mighty A&R muscle at Hotflush, which in the past year helped launched the careers of next-gen buzz magnets like Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison. (His forward-thinking Sub:stance nights at the Berghain have surely bubbled up from a similar impulse.) He’s emerged as one of the world’s most impressively dexterous DJs (see his Sub:stance mix or, better yet, his latest podcast for RA for proof), dropping dubstep and 4/4 with equally sure hands. And bass sides as Scuba and a recent foray into techno as SCB have been among the underground’s most beloved records as of late.