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LWE Reviews MUTEK 2013

After taking time to collect their thoughts, Steve Mizek and Steve Kerr offer their take on MUTEK’s 14th edition in Montreal.

LWE Interviews John Talabot

John Talabot is prepping to roll out the live show once again, taking him essentially nonstop from MUTEK this weekend through Italy’s Club to Club in November. And somehow, amidst all of this, he found time to talk with us, about his label, his album, and the path he took towards becoming John Talabot.

Jimmy Edgar, Sex Drive

The challenge of remixing “Sex Drive,” one of many deprived delights from Jimmy Edgar’s Magenta album, falls to Jon Convex and John Talabot.

John Talabot, ƒIN

ƒIN is the embodiment of the euphoric house Talabot is known for in an album as expertly sequenced as any “best new music” you’re likely to hear.

Jacob Korn, She EP

Uncanny Valley’s first solo release comes from label staple Jacob Korn and paints a more coherent picture than prior records.