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LWE Podcast 147: Anstam

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Anstam to find out more about his approach to production, the other mediums of art he promulgates, and the soft-synths he creates to make his tracks more challenging to produce. He also provided us with the ultimate in our regular series of podcasts for the year, our 147th exclusive and one that you won’t soon forget.

Shed, The Praetorian/RQ-170

While 50 Weapons calls The Praetorian/RQ-170 a “new side of Shed,” its often ineffable style is what one expects from such an unpredictable producer.

Marcel Dettmann, Deluge

Making his first appearance on Modeselector’s 50 Weapons, Marcel Dettmann delivers two energetic rollers that are among his most blatantly groove laden cuts to date.

Cosmin TRG, Simulat

A closer look at Cosmin TRG’s debut album, Simulat, finds that underneath and between the 4/4 is a strangely psychedelic and otherworldly approach to melody and rhythm.