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Martyn, Vancouver (Head High Remix)

Having crossed paths previously in remix form when Martyn remixed Shed’s “Another Wedged Chicken” to great effect, Pawlowitz is perfectly positioned to return the favor under his bone crunching Head High alias on a new single released by 3024

Shed, The Killer

The third album from frequent scene-stealer Shed is his most cogent statement to date, primarily due to its uniformity of sounds.

The Traveller, A100

Christening yet another new moniker, René Pawlowitz’s debut as The Traveller has a fair bit in common with the music of his most famous guise, Shed.

Shed, The Praetorian/RQ-170

While 50 Weapons calls The Praetorian/RQ-170 a “new side of Shed,” its often ineffable style is what one expects from such an unpredictable producer.

Little White Earbuds October Charts

01. Creative Swing Alliance, “In Love” [City Fly Records]
02. Carsten Jost, “Chateau Jalousie” [Dial]
03. Ultramarine, “Find A Way” [Real Soon]
04. 2562, “Wasteland” (Head High Remix)
[When In Doubt]
05. Cromie & JRapp, “How I Know” [Boe Digits]
06. Gerd, “Palm Leaves” [Royal Oak]
07. Roman Flügel, “Lush Life Libido” [Dial]
08. Luomo, “Good Stuff” [Moodmusic]
09. BNJMN, “Open The Floodgates” [Rush Hour Direct Current]
10. C-Beams, “Strollin’ Speechless”
[Uncanny Valley]

Little White Earbuds September Charts 2011

01. Kevin Reynolds, “Liaisons” [Nysde Music]
02. Dijkhuis, “Salt Caramel” [Night Gallery]
03. B-Tracks, “Specialize” [Supply Records]
04. Jonsson/Alter, “Hela Berget” [Kontra-Musik]
05. Arkist & Kidkut, “One Year Later”
[Hotflush Recordings]
06. Oskar Offermann & Moomin, “Nasty Nate” [Aim]
07. Matthew Styles, “Polee” [Running Back]
08. Dexter, “Great Northern Diver”
[Clone Basement Series]
09. Basic Soul Unit, “Soulspeak” (Shed Remix) [Dolly]
10. Oni Ayhun, “Meets Shangaan Electro”
[Honest Jon’s Records]

Basic Soul Unit, Soulspeak

Soulspeak, Basic Soul Unit’s first 12″ for Steffi’s Dolly imprint, skirts any threats of sameness and comes packaged with a Shed remix.

Lee Holman, 2nd Kawl

Although I would stop short of calling Lee Holman an imitator, 2nd Kawl comes tantalizingly close to the rarefied territory inhabited by René Pawlowitz.

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

These 10 albums, as voted on by LWE’s writing staff, represent the best and most intrepid among the year’s long form statements.

Modeselektor, Presents Modeselektion Vol.01

Modeselektion Vol.01 demonstrates why the term “bass” has become so popular as a way to describe the current state of electronic dance music.

EQD, Equalized#004

Unlike the bulk of Rene Pawlowitz’s material under a plethora of aliases, Equalized#004 feels fussy and mundane rather than effortless and awe-inspiring.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Shed

In this incredibly candid interview, René Pawlowitz — best known to the world as Shed — filled us in on his typical creative process, his misgivings with the general state of techno, and the burden of having a moniker that sticks.

DOTW: Shed, No Way!

Shed shares “No Way!” exclusively with Little White Earbuds as our Download of the Week.

Shed, The Traveller

Where past Pawlowitz records have fit beautifully into a straight line, the fourteen tracks on Shed’s The Traveller tie the filament in knots or scramble it in nearly inscrutable code.

Little White Earbuds July Charts 2010

01. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled” [Laid]
02. Space, “Deliverance” (Justus Köhncke’s Wild Pitch Mix) [Nang Records]
03. D-Bridge, “ZX81” (Shed Remix) [Fat City]
04. Challenge, “Wind Up” [Marketing Music]
05. Azari & III, “Reckless (With Your Love)” (Tensnake Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
06. The Gathering, “In My System”
(Jef K’s System Mix)
[Silver Network]
07. Midland, “Play The Game” (Dexter Remix) [Phonica Records]
08. Function, “Untitled” [Sandwell District]
09. Jitterbug, “Thanx Spencer” [Uzuri]
10. Peter Van Hoesen, “Irrational X” [Exone]

Win 2 tickets for Shackleton, Shed, Marcel Dettmann & more @ Fabric

Today London’s beloved superclub, Fabric, announced that it’s house is once again in order and banished woeful tales of administration. In case you need proof that it’s business as usual, check out the line up for July 3rd: Room one hosts The Nothing Special, with live performances by Shackleton, Pole, and Deadbeat, and a DJ […]

LWE Reviews MUTEK 2010

After a few days’ rest, LWE contributor Steve Kerr submits his review of MUTEK 2010.

Wax, No.30003

Cut from the same cloth as antecedent Wax singles but woven into more functional patterns, No.30003 lacks the revelatory edge which make so many of Pawlowitz’s releases must-own items.

Planetary Assault Systems, Remixes

If Luke Slater’s Temporary Suspension reminded us anything, it’s that the rough techno waves being made by your Dettmanns and Levons are not without precedent, and that techno veterans are keen to be still be part of the sound they, in many ways, defined. For every Delta Funktionen or Frozen Border looking to offer their new take on techno there’s a Regis, Robert Hood or James Ruskin picking up the 909 again and getting back to work. Ostgut Ton chose Hood and Kenny Larkin to remix Ben Klock; and so, in a sort of antisymmetry, they choose some of the most influential producers of the past couple years to remix one of the 90’s more influential figures.

Wax, Dub Shed Sessions I

It’s easy to gloss Rene Pawlowitz’s essential Shedding the Past album for Ostgut Ton last year as an exercise in purity through genre affiliation (in that instance, industrial-strength techno). Yet I suspect the man — recording variably as Shed, EQD, Wax, STP, and Deuce (with Marcel Dettmann) — believes less in adherence to a particular beat structure and compositional strategy than in finding club music’s future in a raw envisioning of its past. How else can Pawlowitz’s instantly recognizable sound (bass boom + sharp synth burst = swift Armani Exchange model genocide) wend its way through steely retro house (Wax’s “20002B”) and soulful dubstep (his Shed remix of Peverelist’s “Junktion”), all the while keeping the fire of true techno music better than any of his more clear-cut classicist Hard Wax associates?