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LWE Podcast 136: Aardvarck is archived this week

LWE Podcast 136, brought to us by Aardvarck, was a glittering mix of 90s techno that still sounds effortlessly contemporary today. Be sure to add it to your collection by this Friday, August 16th.

LWE Podcast 136: Aardvarck

LWE got in touch with Aardvarck to find out about the origin of his moniker, how hip hop and funk have laid the foundation for much of his work, and why his new home in Bali has been a life saver for him. He also mixed together our 136th exclusive podcast, a glittering collection of mostly early 90s techno that still sounds effortlessly contemporary today.

Aardvarck, Nubian

With Nubian, Aardvarck continues to exhilarate listeners with two new tracks which glow with intense atmospheric detail and revolve around crunchy rhythms.

Tom Trago, Voyage Direct Remixes Part 2

Last year’s Voyage Direct album saw Amsterdam’s Tom Trago manipulate his disco-house to fit a variety of templates, establishing himself as a producer unafraid to cross genre boundaries for dance floor success. The first edition of remixes for Voyage Direct