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LWE’s Top 5 Overrated Tracks of 2012

For our fifth and last year-end column, staff writer Nick Connellan takes the top five overrated tracks of 2012 to task.

LWE Podcast 127: Maxi Mill

LWE chatted with Maxi Mill about his ties with Tom Trago, juggling family life with production and what’s he’s got planned for the future. He also put together our 127th exclusive podcast, an engaging mix mostly made up of the work of his Amsterdam compatriots, which showcases the incredible talent coming out of this hotbed of electronic music.

Maxi Mill, To The Next/Sun Rays

Judging by Maxi Mill’s debut, To The Next/Sun Rays, the he and Tom Trago share a fair bit in common, most prominently a dynamic, cut-and-paste sense of fun.

Tom Trago, Voyage Direct Remixes Part 2

Last year’s Voyage Direct album saw Amsterdam’s Tom Trago manipulate his disco-house to fit a variety of templates, establishing himself as a producer unafraid to cross genre boundaries for dance floor success. The first edition of remixes for Voyage Direct