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Maxi Mill, Lost And Found / Speed Balance Weight

Maxi Mill returns to Rush Hour’s Direct Voyage series with another 12″, and surprisingly, both tracks find him at the almost exact spot he left off.

BNJMN, Hummingbird

The technicolor fizz blanketing BNJMN’s Hummingbird EP throws the current fixation on “the death of rave” into sharp relief.

Moiré, Rolx

Moiré’s instinctively urgent sequencing, micro-rhythmic obsession and control of an intoxicating array of denatured samples makes this EP a powerfully introspective investigation

Motor City Drum Ensemble, Send A Prayer

After a relatively quiet 2012, Motor City Drum Ensemble returns with the four track Send A Prayer EP which stalks confidently throughout admittedly familiar territory.

Jorge Velez, MMT Tape Series

Rush Hour offers yet another compendium of newly relevant archived dance music, this time by Jorge Velez and almost all previously unheard.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2012

For LWE’s second year-end column, staff writer Steve Kerr rounds up the five most essential imprints of 2012.

Braiden, Belfry Tower

The long anticipated follow up to Braiden’s debut on Doldrums in 2010, Belfry Tower conveys a fresh and vibrant approach to production, with strong emphasis placed on retaining groove.

Aardvarck, Nubian

With Nubian, Aardvarck continues to exhilarate listeners with two new tracks which glow with intense atmospheric detail and revolve around crunchy rhythms.

Simon Weiss, Wave E.P.

Dutchman Simon Weiss pursues a rather narrow house sound on his second solo release, the Wave E.P. on Rush Hour Recordings.

LWE Podcast 127: Maxi Mill

LWE chatted with Maxi Mill about his ties with Tom Trago, juggling family life with production and what’s he’s got planned for the future. He also put together our 127th exclusive podcast, an engaging mix mostly made up of the work of his Amsterdam compatriots, which showcases the incredible talent coming out of this hotbed of electronic music.

BBH: Dream 2 Science, Dream 2 Science

Rush Hour’s reissue of this often overlooked classic album reminds listeners not only of Dream 2 Science’s songwriting chops, but also his voracious appetite for sexual themes.

Recloose, Magic

Recloose maintains the rampant energy of the Saturday Night Manifesto E.P. on his latest single, Magic.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2011

For LWE’s second year-end piece, Steve Kerr showcases five of 2011’s most indispensable record labels.

KiNK & Neville Watson, A Saturday In November

KiNK & Neville Watson’s latest for Hour House Is Your Rush, featuring Kim Ann Foxman, continues in the vein of retro-but-not-derivative house of tracks like “Inside Out.”

Nebraska, Displacement

After two well received EPs of new material, Gibbs returns with his highest profile statement yet, the Displacement LP for Rush Hour.

Recloose, Saturday Night Manifesto

Recloose’s return to releasing original material shows the producer functioning at a typically high creative point.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Labels

For our second 2Q Report, Steve Kerr highlights five of the year’s best labels thus far.

BNJMN, Plastic World

What’s perhaps most impressive about Plastic World is how confidently BNJMN navigates uncharted sonic territory.

LWE Podcast 77: BNJMN

LWE enlisted Ben Thomas to mix together our 77th exclusive podcast as BNJMN, one which illuminates his contemporaries as it weaves together blurry house, acid and unreleased material.

LWE’s Top 5 Labels of 2010