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Tin Man, Acid Test 08

With their Tin Man-helmed eighth release, Acid Test begins to reveal the limits of its 303-specific mission.

Pépé Bradock, Acid Test 07

The latest installment in the Acid Test series sees respected Frenchman Pépé Bradock take the reigns, leading off in a new — and yes, fresh-sounding — direction.

Tin Man, Neo Neo Acid

Tin Man’s Neo Neo Acid is very much a return to the producer’s acid roots, with the melancholy he’s so studiously cultivated also readily apparent.

Recondite, On Acid

In pushing the 303 towards languidness, Recondite has created an album more deeply psychedelic and mind-bending than a vast majority of previous attempts.

Tin Man, Acid Test 01

With Acid Test 01, Tin Man moves closer to the dance floor than ever before and brings along Donato Dozzy for an in-the-zone remix.