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Ernesto Ferreyra, Siluetas

After an uncharacteristic period of inactivity from the end of 2008 through the first couple months of 2009 (previously the label had been issuing new releases about every six weeks like clockwork), Cadenza took the unusual step of putting out five releases basically on top of each other. On one hand, the approach makes a big splash in the marketplace and keeps the label’s name in the headlines a bit longeer and more prominently than it might otherwise be. On the other hand, the glut of releases tends to dull the impact of the music as the already fairly uniform Cadenza sound can’t help but get repetitive in such large doses.

Melchior Productions Ltd, Who Can Find Me EP

[Cadenza] Last year Thomas Melchior revealed a darker side of his musical personality in his powerful second album, No Disco Future. With texture, repetition and context as the dominant themes, slits of light and shades of tone color shone through even brighter when they appeared in the elegiac strains of “Water Soul,” the reduced regal […]

LWE Interviews Thomas Melchior

Ease is in. At every turn there’s a new opportunity to make work easier, more convenient, more portable, more inviting, whether through gadgets, software, formats or attitudes. In that regard, Thomas Melchior, a seasoned craftsman of electronic music, has always swam upstream. Diving deeper and more intimately involved with his music over the course of […]

Alex Picone, Furby Floppy EP

[Cadenza Records] Italian producer Alessandro Picone is a newcomer to the Cadenza camp, but from the sounds of his debut EP (and his appearance on label boss Luciano’s recent Fabric mix CD) he should fit in just fine. “Floppy” kicks off with Cadenza’s trademark layered percussion and a croaking bass line (see the cover art […]

Los Updates, First If You Please The Remix Part 1

Illustration by Luke Brown [Cadenza] Most of us didn’t know who Jorge Gonzales was when his jaunty voice bounded from the pogoing depths of Ricardo Villalobos’ Fabric album, but we were glad for his spirited and slightly lewd narrative. But Gonzales, a long-standing figure in Chile’s music scene, was no one off vocalist. His 1980s […]

Luciano, Etudes Electroniques

[Cadenza] In spite of being an influential and accomplished producer in his own right, Lucien Nicolet aka Luciano is too often mentioned in the same breath as his countryman, Ricardo Villalobos. While their respective work shares a distinct and heavily documented organic warmth, their paths diverge there, with Luciano experimenting with both abstract forms, jiggling […]