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Melchior Productions Ltd, Who Can Find Me EP

[Cadenza] Last year Thomas Melchior revealed a darker side of his musical personality in his powerful second album, No Disco Future. With texture, repetition and context as the dominant themes, slits of light and shades of tone color shone through even brighter when they appeared in the elegiac strains of “Water Soul,” the reduced regal […]

Melchior Productions, No Disco Future

[Perlon] In his work as Melchior Productions and various Aspect Music projects with Baby Ford and Tim Hutton, Thomas Melchior has consistently evoked a great deal of motion, thought, and feeling with relatively little grist. He helped define the micro-house era with his 2004 album, The Meaning on Playhouse by snatching sensual vocal slivers for […]

LWE’s Top 20 Albums of 2007

01. Matthew Dear, Asa Breed [Ghostly International] (buy) Each release from Matthew Dear reveals something new about this multi-faceted producer, and Asa Breed, his second full-length album as MD, was hugely revelatory. The depth, heft and pop sensibilities of Dear’s songwriting are on full display, and for it, Asa Breed stands tall over all its […]

Time better spent

After DJing a couple weeks back I had a few people ask me if I was presently playing out anywhere. As per usual, I simply replied, “Not yet; I don’t get to DJ much.” I think it’s about time to change that. Here’s a little mix I did tonight, just for fun. It’s not particularly […]