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Melchior Productions Ltd., Apariciones Reworked

Apariciones Reworked aims to inject some magic back into the original tracks with remixes by Melchior’s long time friends, Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos.

Melchior & Pronsato, Puerto Rican Girls

Throughout Puerto Rican Girls it’s evident Pronsato and Melchior have musical chemistry, yet at times their sonic revelry comes across as hubris and a lack of editing.

LWE Interviews Thomas Melchior

Ease is in. At every turn there’s a new opportunity to make work easier, more convenient, more portable, more inviting, whether through gadgets, software, formats or attitudes. In that regard, Thomas Melchior, a seasoned craftsman of electronic music, has always swam upstream. Diving deeper and more intimately involved with his music over the course of […]

Melchior Productions, No Disco Future

[Perlon] In his work as Melchior Productions and various Aspect Music projects with Baby Ford and Tim Hutton, Thomas Melchior has consistently evoked a great deal of motion, thought, and feeling with relatively little grist. He helped define the micro-house era with his 2004 album, The Meaning on Playhouse by snatching sensual vocal slivers for […]