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Joshua Iz, It Iz What It Iz

For what is essentially a collection of dance floor tracks, Joshua Iz’s It Iz What It Iz flows with all the peaks and valleys of an artist album.

The Gathering, In My System

Although Chez Damier’s recent projects have languished in semi-obscurity while Mojuba’s reissues of his work flew off the shelves, his latest effort as The Gathering has already attracted more attention than anything he’s done since his Prescription days.

Win 2 tickets to Lost In the Loft ft. Chez Damier, Sven Weisemann & Giles Smith

I have to admit, some of the coolest parties I’ve ever attended haven’t been in legendary clubs but rather tucked away loft spots that court the best crowds and most intimate sets you’re likely to hear. I even had the pleasure of throwing one for my birthday. On November 14th, it could be your turn […]

A Work in Progress, Untitled EP

New releases from Yore always catch my attention. Some days you’ll get a fresh release from a revered veteran like Alton Miller, while on others you’ll find something unexpected from an artist you’ve never heard of before. The “Untitled EP” from A Work in Progress is a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. The single’s two metropolitan house cuts come from Priceless One, described by the label as “a club kid from Detroit,” but also boast contributions from deep house royalty Chez Damier.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Reissues

On the reissue front, last year saw a new CD package of Basic Channel highlights, the Gas boxed set, and a repress of Model 500’s seminal Deep Space. Can 2009 match that? Six months in, looks like it just might.