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Little White Earbuds Presents Cottam

Offered this “A Downer On A Dark Dank Day” mix from Paul Cottam, we jumped at the chance to feature it and get to know the respected UK producer.

Cottam, Relapse EP

Almost exactly a year on from his last release on Aus Music, Cottam returns with another contemplative three-track foray into the deep, rolling recesses of his musical mind.

Cottam, Deep Deep Down

To say that Cottam has risen to the occasion with Deep Deep Down, his biggest 12” yet, honestly might be something of an understatement.

Morning Factory, Sultans of Swing EP

Still a step removed from the rest of their catalog, Morning Factory’s Sultans Of Swing EP does an exemplary job summarizing what makes them so intriguing.

Cottam, The Rub EP

Still surrounded by an air of mystery, Cottam’s next release arrives on Cologne-based imprint Story, also known for keeping its producers’ names a closely guarded secret.