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Talking Shopcast with Don’t Be Afraid

LWE got in touch with Roth to talk about creating a successful label, where he discovered some of the new talent on DBA, and telling your heroes that you don’t like their work.

Disco Nihilist, Moving Forward

Disco Nihilist continues his run of resolutely old school releases with his second record for Running Back, Moving Forward.

Disco Nihilist, Disco Nihilist

Dance music has always had a DIY spirit that puts punk to shame. Not in a band? Just put on some records. Can’t play an instrument? Buy a sequencer. Can’t get signed? Start your own label. It is this mindset that brings us Disco Nihilist’s first release, in both literal and aesthetic terms. Label Love What You Feel is masterminded by Thomas Cox — proprietor of infinitestatemachine and frequent LWE commenter — who discovered the Austin, Texas producer’s work through Myspace. The process of putting out the record (no surprise, it’s vinyl only) has even been documented in a series of posts on ISM. The label seems to be aptly titled; this is not the work of professionals or insiders, but of dedicated fans.